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Glen Heroy was born and raised in New Paltz, a college town near Poughkeepsie, New York. When he was twelve years old, he crashed a Four of July parade as a clownGeneric term for all clowns and augustes. '''Specific:''' In Europe, the elegant, whiteface character who plays the role of the straight man to the Auguste in a clown team.: He already knew what he wanted to do! A year later, the Isaac Van Amburgh Circus (a small local show with a big circus name) came to perform in New Paltz, and Glen watched all the performances for three straight days.

The Ringmaster couldn’t fail to notice such an assiduous spectator, and after a show, he went to speak with Glen. Glen stated his desire to be part of the circus one day. Asked if he had any performing experience, Glen mentioned his stint in the Forth of July parade: "That was you? We have been looking for you for a year!" was the Ringmaster’s answer.

Thus Glen Heroy became a professional clown even before he began high schoolA display of equestrian dressage by a rider mounting a horse and leading it into classic moves and steps. (From the French: Haute école)! Since then, Glen has studied theater at the State University of New York's New Paltz College, and movement, physical comedy, and clowning with such teachers as Ami Hattab, Dick Monday, and David Shiner. He also became a member of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care™, and worked as “Dr. Bovine” with children patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for eight years.

Glen is also a Clown in Residence at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut, which serves children and their families coping with cancer and other serious illnesses and conditions. In addition, he plays spoons and is a vocalist in the band The Maestrosities, a musical novelty act. Glen Heroy was featured in 2009 in the Big Apple Circus production of Play On!

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