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Kirill Rebkovets was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, to a circus family. After the fall of the USSR, he traveled with his family all around the world before settling in the United States. He was fifteen when he was introduced for the first time to rola-bolaA board balancing on one or more cylinders piled on each other, and on which an acrobat stands performing juggling or acrobatic tricks., a difficult circus specialty for which he showed a particular affinity, and in which he soon excelled. He has performed his spectacular rola bola act all over the United States in theaters, casinos, theme parks, and corporate events, and in several Cirque du Soleil productions.

A versatile performer, Kirill has also developed an act that combines kinetic cube, juggling and roue Cyr(French) A large metallic hoop used like a German Wheel, developed by the Canadian acrobat Daniel Cyr.. He is married to Olga Lukina, a former artist of the Russian "Circus on Ice", with whom he has a son, Ivan.

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