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  • ==Flying Trapeze, Trampoline== ...[[The Flying Cranes]]) on the creation of [[The Firebirds]], a spectacular flying act that was featured in the United States with [[Ringling Bros. Barnum & B
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  • The Aniskin Troupe, Flying Trapeze, in the [[Big Apple Circus]] production of ''Dreams of a City'' (2002).
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  • ...were directed by [[Natalia Makovskaya]]. Regina participated in both acts (flying act and Russian barre). ...ancing, aerial "bambou" (aerial perch) with [[Valdis Yanovskis]], swinging trapeze, tissu, cloud swing, and even an acrobatic act with dogs! She retired from
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  • ...el-catch in full swing, which had been a specialty of the great Australian trapeze artist [[Winnie Colleano]]. Mara worked at dizzying heights, without any sa ...t was during her time with Circo Segura that she sustained a fall from her trapeze for the first time: Badly injured, she was incapacitated for one month.
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  • The Flying Gaonas, flying trapeze, at the [[Big Apple Circus]] (1984). * Biography: [[Flying Gaonas|The Flying Gaonas]]
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  • Flying Gaonas, flying trapeze, in the [[Big Apple Circus]] production of ''Carnival and Mardi Gras'' (198 * Biography: [[Flying Gaonas|The Flying Gaonas]]
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  • ==Flying Trapeze== happened. To the circus world, however, there has been one and only one Flying Gaonas: the act in which, for 35 years, Tito Gaona caught flawless triple s
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  • ]After attempting to develop a trapeze act for Dolly, Margie took her old rings from their box and, during the sum aerialist, Frank Sheppard, who, at the end of his act, jumped from his trapeze to catch a vertical rope. Even though Sheppard actually killed himself doin
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  • The Flying Vazquez, flying trapeze, in the [[Big Apple Circus]] production of ''Greetings from Coney Island''. * Biography: [[Flying Vazquez]]
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  • The Aniskin Troupe, Flying Trapeze, in the [[Big Apple Circus]] production of ''Carnevale!'' (2003)
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  • ...same time, her father had begun presenting a famous parody, on the flying trapeze, of Charlie Chaplin. In London the following year, while her father was win ...variety house on the Continent. Then Charlie Rivel, who had performed his trapeze act with his brothers and had created with them a successful clown trio, Th
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  • ;aerialist:Any acrobat working above the ring on an aerial equipment such as trapeze, Roman Rings, Spanish web, etc. ;aerial hoop:A heavy metallic hoop used as a variance of trapeze, usually with contortion moves. (Also called Cerceau.)
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  • years with the Cirque à l'ancienne, including: Roman Rings; flying trapeze; Russian Barre; floor acrobatics; several equestrian acts, including a uniq ...back of two elephants, both with David Dimitri. She was also featured in a trapeze act, and she performed for the last time her Russian Barre act in 1992-93 w
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  • astonishing variety of acrobatic acts, from floor acrobatics to flying trapeze, contortion to dancing with elephants. During this period, she became roman * Video: [[Big_Apple_Circus_Comedy_Flying_Act_(1989)|Melinda Merlier, Comedy Flying Act]], with [[Les Casaly]] and [[Taso Stavrakis]] in the Big Apple Circus p
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  • ...d cupola allowed the presentation of the Tognis's spectacular cross-flying trapeze act, which had no less than two catchers and nine flyers. Among those, [[Ce ...mily split, they went to the United States in 1952 to perform their flying trapeze act at the [[Mills Bros.]] circus. Angly joined the [[Justino Loyal]] bareb
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  • "house acts" of the family’s ''Circo Nazionale Togni'': double flying trapeze, jockey, and pyramids on horseback. In the following years Darix revealed h
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  • ...and, as members of the circus's resident company, a short-distance flying trapeze act. * Video: [[Big_Apple_Circus_Comedy_Flying_Act_(1989)|Les Casaly, Comedy Flying Act]] with Melinda Merlier and Taso Stavrakis in the Big Apple Circus produ
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  • ...low Circo Milá. As members of the circus, the brothers began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met— ...mbert]], that the three siblings began work on their standing-frame flying-trapeze act, with Neña as the catcher. The following year, in 1906, José got a fi
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  • ==Trapeze== ...en, Pedro, Jr. began his professional circus career as a catcher for the [[Flying Españas]]. Two years later, he joined his father’s high-wire act. He con
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  • ...en, Pedro, Jr. began his professional circus career as a catcher for the [[Flying Españas]]. Two years later, he joined his father’s high-wire act. He con ...gan training on the high wire. At the same time, she and Pedro worked on a trapeze act, taking advantage of both Pedro’s experience as a catcher and Tatiana
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