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  • ...and her brothers, [[Franz Althoff|Franz]] (1908-1987) and [[Adolf Althoff|Adolf]] (1913-1998)—had shown an exemplary attitude during the war (from th ...for his liberty acts. Gunther began learning elephant training with Franz Althoff, whose singular style he would adopt in his own elephant acts.
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  • ..., and her brothers [[Franz Althoff|Franz]] (1908-1987) and [[Adolf Althoff|Adolf]] (1913-1998)—during the war had been exemplary, at least from the Al ...]]. Günther Gebel was sent to work for Carola's brother at [[Circus Franz Althoff]], and Charly found a job with a small circus in Essen, Circus Bügler, whe
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  • ...Heiress to the oldest and most important German circus dynasty, the [[The Althoff Dynasty|Althoffs]], she ran from 1945 to 1968 a very successful circus, whi ===Carola Althoff===
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  • ...ob, with Claus Lehnert), jockey act, at Circus [[The Althoff Dynasty|Adolf Althoff]], performing in [[Circus Carré]] in Amsterdam (1963)
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  • Adi Enders was born Adolf Hermann Enders on April 16, 1935 in Köln (Cologne), Germany, to an old fam ...r of the [[Ben Mohamed Troupe]], a Morrocan tumbling act, and by his uncle Adolf, who took care of his education in equestrian arts and animal training.
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  • The Enders Brothers, clown entrée, in the Circus [[Adolf Althoff]] show at [[Circus Carré]] in Amsterdam (1963)
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  • ...he 1960s on the European circus scene. They performed notably with [[Adolf Althoff]] and at the Blackpool [[Tower Circus]], and also worked in the United Stat
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  • ...s Stosch-Sarrasani (c.1920)]]He called in circus librettist and director [[Adolf Steinmann]], the creative mind behind Berlin’s Circus Busch’s legendary ...e had steadfastly refused to rent his building for Nazi political rallies. Adolf Hitler’s accession to power in 1933 didn’t make things easier, and Circ
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  • ...nd half of the nineteenth century, Circus Lorch was continued by his sons, Adolf (1845-1918), who was born in Manheim on May 4, 1845, and Louis (1847-1924), went on their own with their Risley act. (Under the sole management of Adolf, Circus Lorch lasted until the beginning of WWI.) With up to eleven perform
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  • ...of the German [[Circus Williams]] presented by [[The Althoff Dynasty|Adolf Althoff]], Carola Williams’s brother. During the spring-summer season of 1954, he
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  • ...epha Rosine Auguste, had six children: Albert, Rudolf, Franziska, Wilhelm, Adolf and Friederike—who all generated lineages of animal trainers and circ ...oungest, she would later marry Adolf Frohn, a sealion trainer. (Their son, Adolf Frohn, Jr. (1904-1955), joined the [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] C
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  • ...cus Barlay]] of Harry Barlay and his wife [[Carola Williams|Carola]], née Althoff. ...presence of his brother-in-law in the family combine didn’t thrill Adolf Althoff!
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  • ...ountries outside the German borders in the early postwar era. Circus Franz Althoff was also the first European circus of that era to develop an acceptable com Franz Althoff also improved the circus performing space, introducing innovative concepts
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