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  • '''Circo del Sol '''[] Circo '''Hermanos Servian '''[]
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  • ...d the Swobodas parted ways. Moira and Walter went on to create their own [[Circo Moira Orfei]], which quickly drew attention, both for the elegance of its p Moira and Walter launched the monumental ''Circo sul Ghiaccio'' ("Circus on Ice") in 1969. It was easily the most sophistica
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  • ...headed by Giovanni De Bianchi. Like many Italian circuses at the time, the Circo Torinese performed on stage, in theaters. De Bianchi had married Maria de l ...t the King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III, awarded Circo Togni the title of Circo Nazionale in 1919.
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  • ...rothers began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acrobat, Mari their native Catalonia, at Barcelona's Tivoli, before opening their own Circo Reina Victoria in 1915. José performed his first clown entrée in the new
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  • ...When his act was ready, Hugo he made his professional debut in 1973, in [[Circo Tihany]], which was then performing in Lima, Peru, and then embarked on a c ...r]] as a good possibility for the [[Big Apple Circus]]. Zamoratte made his American debut in 1987, in the Big Apple Circus production of ''1001 Arabian Nights'
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  • Mark performed extensively in Europe, notably with [[The Togni Family|Circo Americano]] and [[Circus Krone]] in Munich. In 1993, he appeared on the Bri ...13, 2008. Although he had settled in Sarasota, Florida—home to many American circus performers—his funeral was held in Baraboo, at the Circus Worl
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  • Luigi Zoppé was Napoléon’s grandson. His circus, Circo Zoppé, which turned to motorized transportation before World War II, took ...g to ship the elephant to Italy at his own expense, he could keep it. Thus Circo Zoppé got its first elephant, which remained in the family for many years.
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  • ...scovered the great Spanish clowns [[Hermanos Tonetti|Tonetti]], in whose [[Circo Atlas]] his family was performing. They left a lasting impression on him. D ...e following year, he became part of the company of [[The Casartelli Family|Circo Casartelli]], which was then becoming one of Italy’s largest circuses and
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  • instructor at his alma mater, Clown College. In 1997, he was the first American clown to perform in Vietnam, in Hanoi’s first International Circus Festiv ...[[International Circus Festival of Budapest]] in Hungary in 2013, at the [[Circo Teatro Price]] in Madrid in 2014, and at [[Circus Krone|Circus Kronebau]] i
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  • ...(the year of Hortense’s birth), they created with [[Ricardo Bell]] the ''Circo Océano'', and rented [[Giuseppe Chiarini]]’s circus building in Mexico C ...9 and ventured sometimes across the border in the neighboring southeastern American states—where a talent scout might have spotted it: Alfredo was hired
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  • ...d Court made his circus debut in Bayonne (in the southwest of France) with Circo Cristiani in 1899. ===The Orpingtons And Circo Europeo===
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  • The 1974 season saw her at [[Circo Price]] in Spain. Then Ursula and Manfred packed their equipment and prepar ===American Years And Back To Europe===
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  • ...ich could become ''Royal Spanish Circus'' when needed—was in fact an American enterprise based in California. A true circus man, Chiarini was indubitably ...take a different direction: In 1852, Batty engaged into a venture with the American circus entrepreneur [[Seth B. Howes]] (1815-1901) to bring to New York what
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  • ...’s [[Tower Circus]] in England, [[Cirkus Schumann]] in Copenhagen, and [[Circo Americano-Castilla]] in Spain, among many other prestigious European venues ===American Years===
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  •, owners of Mexico’s oldest, largest, and most celebrated circus, Circo Atayde Hermanos. ...Top Doo Wop''. He also occasionally worked in other circuses, notably with Circo Atayde in the summer of 2003, in an acrobatic break dance act, Los Primos.
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  • ...ags. They later worked in France with [[Cirque Pourtier]], in Spain with [[Circo Alegria]] in 1936, then at Cirque Medrano in Paris the following year. They ...orio (b.1955), who performed in blackface—a character reminiscent of American Minstrelsy. By then, ''Chocolate & Co.'' had become ''The Rastellis''. Fina
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  • shows in Spain and abroad, managed the legendary [[Circo Price (Madrid)|Circo Price]] building in Madrid, organized circus festivals and congresses, and ...e legendary auguste [[Chocolat]]. The Hermanos Cape spent six seasons with Circo Feijóo, during which Arturo Castilla became good friends with Manuel Feij
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  • ...sisters, Krimhilde (known as Tulli) was born July 17, 1935. She married an American, of whom little has been recorded. ...sful Italian circus director [[The Casartelli Family|Leonida Casartelli]]. Circo Medrano (now known in the business as Medrano-Casartelli), resumed its inte
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  • ...nd Juan began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acrobat, Mari [[File:Circo_Andreu_Poster_(c.1916).jpg|thumb|left|310px|Circo Andreu's Company (c.1916)]]In 1896, they were traveling in a hand-drawn wag
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  • ...lege]] in Venice, Florida, where he was trained in the traditional ways of American clowning. Upon graduation, he toured for three years with [[Clyde Beatty-Co ...dy at the Celebration Barn Theatre in South Paris, Maine with the renowned American clown and teacher Avner Eisenberg. Then Rob went to Japan, where he worked
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