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  • Circus '''Louis Knie Jr''' [] '''Österreichischer National-Circus Louis Knie''' []
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  • ...hing himself, in the 1980s, as an Italian pioneer in the sport and concert arena business. He has been succeeded in that business by his son Divier (b.1949) In 1964 the Tognis toured under the banner of ''Circus Knie'' in Italy, and often changed their name afterwards, merging again their sh
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  • [[Image:Friedrich_Knie_(1784-1850).jpg|thumb|right|300px|Friedrich Knie]] ==Knie: The Swiss National Circus==
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  • ...ropean circuses of the 1960s ([[Cirque Pinder|Pinder]], [[The Knie Dynasty|Knie]], [[The Schumann Family|Schumann]]), and was exposed to some of the best p ...cus, for their winter show in Mexico City, where they played a large sport arena. [[Kenneth Feld]], the owner of [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]], who
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  • ...d]] for his annual circus production at the [[Harringay Circus|Harringay]] Arena in London. But it was to be a fateful engagement: On December 22, 1950, Har ...rome of his giant big top, elegantly directing them from the center of the arena with the sound of his voice and the tip of his chambrière, the same he use
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  • ...came to love the regular visits of Europe’s greatest horsemen, the [[The Knie Dynasty|Knies]] and the [[The Schumann Dynasty|Schumanns]]; great animal tr ...llenged by new rivals: [[Tom Arnold]] and [[Clem Butson]] at the Harringay Arena in London at Christmas, and the Chipperfields and the Smarts with their mor
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  • the business, [[The Schumann Dynasty|Schumann]] and [[The Knie Dynasty|Knie]], acknowledged their quality and beauty). Before that, on December 12, 195 ...r Circus, and Peter Jay’s tenancy came to an end, Jay built a new circus arena at nearby Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the [[Superdome Circus]], where he cont
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  • ...hey were featured afterwards in leading European shows, including [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland, and [[Circus Krone]] and [[Circus Franz Althoff]] in Germ
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  • ...hey were featured afterwards in leading European shows, including [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland, and [[Circus Krone]] and [[Circus Franz Althoff]] in Germ
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  • ...rejoin her family’s Circo Gerardi. She set up a small traveling outdoor arena, offering equestrian and aerial performances with her children, while the a ...rvival move actually paid off: By 1936, Rosina’s show was known as the ''Arena Rosa''; by 1939, it was a full-fledged circus performing under a second-han
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  • ...ed by [[Tom Arnold]] for his annual circus production at the [[Harringay]] Arena in London. But it was to be a fateful engagement: On December 22, 1950, dur ...he business as "Miss Yvonne," who presented a group of lions from [[Circus Knie]]. Gunther Gebel fell head over heels for her, and his interest for big cat
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  • ...t with Switzerland’s [[Circus Knie]]; Paula Busch’s agreement with the Knie family was that Trubkka would present the cats in Berlin and Breslau and th ...restigious and huge Christmas Circus at the [[Harringay Circus|Harringay]] Arena in London (1949-50), a return to Circus Busch at Suecia’s circus building
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  • ..., Adolph Hitler. His rare incursions in the ring—such as at [[Circus Knie]] in 1947—happened after the War, at a time when there were practical ...Spanish nightclub, but more likely, he must have seen him first at Circus Knie. According to North, Unus showed no interest in working for [[Ringling Bros
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  • ...of 1900, but the Fair didn’t prove a boon for Parisian circuses. A huge arena designed for equestrian spectaculars, the Hippodrome was perhaps too big to ...eath, the Cirque de Paris had closed again and become a theatre-cum-boxing arena. The political situation in Europe was tense; Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
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  • ...ddition of steel-tunnel elements that connect the cage wagons to the steel arena. Thus equipped, Carl presented the Hagenbeck acts to the menagerie visitors The performances in the steel arena offered by the Menagerie Charles made the "fighting" style of presentations
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  • ...ith two circuses whose directors had married two of Adele’s sisters: the arena that [[The Forgione Family|Francesco Forgione]] had just opened in Puglia, ...he [[Moscow Circus]] debuted on January 27, 1982 at the Palasport Olimpico arena of Turin. It had been absent from Italy for thirteen years.
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  • In 1946, she managed to set up an outdoor circus in the Berlin Zoo, called ''Arena Astra''; then she was finally able to secure a loan and put together a new ...beginnings), with a program that included [[Vojtech Trubka]] and [[Circus Knie]]'s tigers and the Flying [[The Leotaris|Leotaris]]. Hoppe's son, eight-yea
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  • ...t Christmas treat for Londoners at the huge [[Harringay Circus|Harringay]] arena, where the clever impresario [[Tom Arnold]] had it presented by the Indian- ...ropean relationships; he also opened a channel with the [[The Knie Dynasty|Knie]] family in Switzerland, who would provide Althoff's growing show with a va
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