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  • ..., or wooden constructions that were erected in a town, and then dismantled and transported to the next—or simply sold at wood value at the end of th ...ofitable, and they quickly prevailed: From roughly 1870 to 1930, they made circus the most popular performing art in America.
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  • ...ctivity of the organization. It became one of the world’s most respected and successful circuses—until the economic crisis of 2008, which dramatic ...andoned its spring-summer tours of the northeast United States and beyond, and limited its activity to its Lincoln Center four-month winter season. Howeve
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  • ==Juggler, Clown, Ringmaster, Circus Director== ...rtmouth College, where he performed as an actor with the Dartmouth Players and the Hopkins Center Repertory Theatre.
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  •, Tito Gaona caught flawless triple somersaults with extraordinary grace and astonishing consistency. ...former military officer (whose brother, Rodolfo, was a well-known torero), and Carlos León, a trapeze artist. Victor's father, also named Bernabé, was a
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  • == Equestrian, Circus Owner == ...ei]] families, for example. Yet their companies often contained true gems, and Alberto Zoppé was to be one of these.
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  • ...e world’s oldest extant circus building. It is also the world’s oldest circus still in activity: It opened its doors in 1852. Its address, at 110 rue Ame ...e (Paris)|Cirque Olympique]], located some five hundred yards from his new circus, on the portion of the Boulevard du Temple that disappeared in 1862, during
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  • ...s daredevil manner—working on the high wire without a balancing pole and at high speed, which contrasted with the traditionally slow, seemingly care his children (Harold, his brother Edgar, and their sisters Hilda and Elsie) in his backyard, where he had installed a tight wire two feet off th
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  • ...alented and charismatic performer, he was also, for circus enthusiasts and circus professionals around the world, one of the greatest animal trainers of the ...local bars. Needless to say, Gunther's early childhood was far from happy, and the advent of World War II would further tear apart his already dysfunction
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  • ...928, in a family connected to show business and animals, albeit not to the circus: Heinz’s father was a movie stuntman who worked with horses for UFA in Be ...ther was interned in Ravensbrück, and Heinz was sent to a Nazi orphanage, and then to work on a farm.
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  • ...rei Codonas'' (1940)—a very rare occurrence for circus artists—and two romanticized biographies. ...duardo also had a half-brother, William). When and for which purpose Henry and Victorine immigrated to Mexico is not known.
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  • ==Acrobat, Circus Owner, Animal Trainer== ...mal trainers of all times—and as such, a major circus star in Europe and America.
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  • ...the legendary [[Alfred Court]]. Court had described Schulz as a “honest and courageous guy, who had what it takes to become a great trainer.” ...s a butcher. But he shared with his uncle a passion for wild animals—and not particularly dead ones!
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  • luminaries of the British circus, they still hold an important place in circus history.'' ...rcus performers and entrepreneurs, thus establishing one of the very first circus dynasties.''
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  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...unced the "Death of Britain’s Nº 1 Showman" and the "King of the Modern Circus," indicating the unrivalled position in which the showman was revered.
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  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...he Royal Air Force. After the Bertram Mills Circus closed down in 1967, he and Cyril Mills remained close friends.''
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  • ..., May was adopted by Marizles ("Rill") Martin (1868-1948), an equestrienne and a sister of the [[The Wirth Family|Wirth brothers]], proprietors of one of ...he "American fearless hurricane hurdle rider." Like the most ''adroit'' of circus performers, bareback riders in particular, May was short but strong. She g
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  • ...-up comedian: "A smashing bloke and a very very nice man… A loyal friend and a very very very nice man." Quite an amazing epitaph for anybody! ===Barrett’s Canadian Circus===
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  • ...ved a specialty that had not been seen for a long time in the circus—and their act was subsequently widely copied by other artistes. ...England at Blackpool's [[Tower Circus]] in 1952, and at the [[Kelvin Hall Circus]] in Glasgow, Scotlamd, for the 1952-53 winter season.
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  • ...revived a specialty that had not been seen for a long time in the circusand their act was subsequently widely copied by other artistes. ...England at Blackpool's [[Tower Circus]] in 1952, and at the [[Kelvin Hall Circus]] in Glasgow, Scotlamd, for the 1952-53 winter season.
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  • ==Acrobat, Circus Owner== ''By Dominique Jando and Donald Stacey''
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