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  • ...circus fans, who enjoyed testing his historical knowledge of the American circus, and his encyclopedic command of the history of elephants in the United Sta ...sconsin in 1854. As the feisty Babe would often say, "My family was in the circus when the Ringling brothers were still wearing wooden shoes."
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  • ==Circus Owner and Impresario== ...r perhaps Mr. Smart, Sr. had a longing for adventure, for at age 15, young Billy was operating his father's hand-cranked merry-go-round on a fairground at S
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  • ...d, for that matter, of Europe. For many years, it was the High Society’s circus of choice. Its relatively small size gave it warmth and intimacy (it was so ...irque d’Hiver]], completely refurbished, returned to the presentation of circus shows after a rather futile hiatus as a movie-house and theater; the [[Cirq
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  • ...[[Jacko Fossett]], a successful association that began at [[Bertram Mills Circus]] and morphed into a lifelong friendship. ...roplasia (dwarfism)—his mother chose to abandon him at an early age. Billy, as he became known, was placed in an orphanage in Bristol where he spent h
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