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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Williams]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Williams, Carola]]
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  • ...Circo Americano, Circo Price, and Spanischer National Circus with [[Carola Williams]]) both in Spain and abroad through 1963. In that year, she received the Os
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  • ...any, and in the winter of 1959, temporarily merged with Germany's [[Circus Williams]], whose name it took. By 1960, the Tognis started a big three-ring circus ...ting in Spain since 1949—in Italian sport arenas. The Castilla-Togni-Williams "Americano" edition boosted a group of 25 elephants, three rings of liberty
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  • From 1968 to 2001, Gunther Gebel-Williams was, in the United States, the most celebrated circus performer of his gene [[File:Williamsbau_Koln.jpg|thumb|350px|left|Circus Williams in Cologne (1947)]]Max Gebel was drafted into the Wehrmacht and sent to the
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  • The occupying authorities had had no problem granting Harry and Carola Williams a permit to operate a circus again. do so), [[Gunther Gebel-Williams|Günther Gebel]]. It is also at Circus Williams that Baumann would change his first name, Heinz, for the less German-soundi
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  • ==Carola Williams And Her Circus== ...second half of the twentieth century: [[Charly Baumann]], [[Gunther Gebel-Williams]], and [[Gerd Siemoneit]].
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Williams]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Williams, Carola]]
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  • Germany at [[Circus Friederike Hagenbeck]] (which belonged to [[Carola Williams]]). ...rode in high school and presented, in alternance with her husband, Circus Williams’s spectacular group of twenty-four Lipizzan horses. However, in the cage,
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  • ...of vacant land at Königin Carola Platz. It is this empty lot at Königin Carola Platz that the municipality of Dresden offered Hans Stosch-Sarrasani in 191 ...the rapid growth of medium-size quality circuses such as [[Circus Williams|Williams]], [[Circus Busch-Roland|Busch-Roland]], [[Circus Willy Hagenbeck|Willy Hag
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  • ...rcus Williams]] presented by [[The Althoff Dynasty|Adolf Althoff]], Carola Williams’s brother. During the spring-summer season of 1954, he launched a traveli ...n [[Circus Williams]]—albeit without its young star, [[Gunther Gebel-Williams]]: His group of 11 elephants was much too large for Medrano’s cramped qua
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  • ...e had married Althoff’s daughter Helene (the sister of [[Circus Williams|Carola]] and [[The Althoff Dynasty|Franz Althoff]]) and got control of her circus, ...]], which she ran with her British/German husband, [[Circus Williams|Harry Williams]]. The Hagenbecks had also kept their operations alive. And now, at long la
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  • ...lped Walter acquire Moira’s elephants, presented a group of lions, while Carola was in charge of the horses. In 1973, Schmidt would return to Circo Moira O ...before, once with [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland, the other with [[Circus Williams]] in Germany. This successful collaboration will be renewed regularly until
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  • ...r the new [[Circus Barlay]] of Harry Barlay and his wife [[Carola Williams|Carola]], née Althoff. ...enterprise to his children, [[Franz Althoff|Franz]] and [[Carola Williams|Carola]] (who had quickly separated from Harry Barlay). While there, Oskar Hoppe,
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  • Franz had seven siblings: [[Carola Williams|Carola]] (1903-1987), Sabine (1906-1918), Helene (1907-1991), Henriette (1910-2004 ...ere the [[Trio Barlay]] (of the Kwansik family) and the equestrian [[Harry Williams]]: They would play an important role in the Althoff siblings’ history. It
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  • ...the German [[Spanischer National Circus]] under the management of [[Carola Williams]]) and other Castilla ventures, and, when the [[The Togni Family|Togni]] fa
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