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  • #REDIRECT: [[Franz Czeisler (Tihany)]] [[Category:Circuses|Tihany]]
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  • ...his act was ready, Hugo he made his professional debut in 1973, in [[Circo Tihany]], which was then performing in Lima, Peru, and then embarked on a career t
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  • ...scovered the great Spanish clowns [[Hermanos Tonetti|Tonetti]], in whose [[Circo Atlas]] his family was performing. They left a lasting impression on him. D ...e following year, he became part of the company of [[The Casartelli Family|Circo Casartelli]], which was then becoming one of Italy’s largest circuses and
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  • ...rmed for Prince Rainier III of Monaco; [[Circus Scott]] in Sweden; [[Circo Tihany]] in Mexico; [[Salto Natale]] in Switzerland; ''Incognito Flamenco'', a sho
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  • shows in Spain and abroad, managed the legendary [[Circo Price (Madrid)|Circo Price]] building in Madrid, organized circus festivals and congresses, and ...e legendary auguste [[Chocolat]]. The Hermanos Cape spent six seasons with Circo Feijóo, during which Arturo Castilla became good friends with Manuel Feij
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  • ...passed away on March 2, 2016, Franz Czeisler (1916-2016), better known as Tihany, was said to be the world’s oldest circus impresario: He was four months ===From Saranduja To Tihany===
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