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  • ...(the year of Hortense’s birth), they created with [[Ricardo Bell]] the ''Circo Océano'', and rented [[Giuseppe Chiarini]]’s circus building in Mexico C ...—where Alfredo and Clara also got married. The Codonas remained with Circo Pubillones until 1918. (They shared the bill with [[Alfred Court]], who was
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  • ...d adopt later (although his enterprise was mostly referred to as Circus or Circo Chiarini). The famous American equestrian [[John Glenroy]] (1828-1902)&mdas ...n Francisco, leveled down by a catastrophic fire five years earlier. The ''Circo de Chiarini'' was a stone amphitheater of 3,000 seats, designed after the t
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  • ...y theaters, from Saint Petersburg’s [[Circus Ciniselli]] to Madrid’s [[Circo Parish]]. In 1893 Hans Stosch married twenty-year-old Anna Albertina August ...ith the Peróns. In 1950, Evita bestowed on Trude’s circus the title of "Circo Nacional Argentino".
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