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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ==Actor, Comedian, Circus Owner== His early encounters with circus performers (particularly [[Martha-la-Corse]], a cat trainer) triggered his
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  • ...nization that had, until then, produced annually an important fund-raising circus gala in Paris. ...ala de la Piste'', a black-tie gala featuring some of the world's greatest circus acts, which was produced by Dominique Mauclair and staged at Paris's [[Cirq
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  • ...exis Gruss]]Marie-Pierre Bénac was not born into the circus. Yet during a circus career that spanned twelve years and two continents, she proved herself a v ...xis Gruss]]. Founded in 1974, the Conservatoire was the first professional circus school in Western Europe.
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  • ==Circus Owners, Equestrians, Animal Trainers, Acrobats, Aerialists== ...toured in about thirty countries. The Tognis have also always excelled in circus engineering: they are credited with several technical innovations, includin
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  • ...oned a promising career—in his case as an engineer—to join the circus. ...ter, Mireille made her debut as a member of the resident company of Alexis Gruss’s [[Cirque à l’ancienne]] in Paris. An acrobat and aerialist, she perf
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  • When his circus contract was over, he returned to the stage, but didn’t abandon clowning: ...he was awarded the Silver Medal. That same year, he joined the [[Big Apple Circus]]’s celebrated Clown Care Unit®, bringing much needed comic relief to ho
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  • ...embers of the former Soviet Union have been the most inventive and skilled circus artists of the twentieth century, the Chinese, who come from a different, a ...lthough its artists perform acts of a similar genre and share with Western circus artists a similar background—that of the traveling fairground enterta
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  • ...omedy on horseback, which was present in the very first days of the modern circus, is a very difficult genre—as is, actually, any act performed on hors ...e Fratellini’s school had acquired at various times the services of such circus equestrian luminaries as [[Chotachen Courtault]] and [[Francesco Caroli]].
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  • ...o encompass Alexis Gruss's circus as well as the first French professional circus school. ...y inherited from his grandfather, the famous auguste [[André Gruss|Dédé Gruss]].
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  • Daniel grew up in the circus. He was still a teenager when he was hired by [[Jo Clavel]] to work in [[Je lions were still bred. The following year (1971) Daniel Suskov made his circus debut with that group at [[Cirque Amar]], and then spent the 1972 and 1973
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  • ...Nona, their mother, was born [[The Bedinis|Bedini]], a celebrated Russian circus family of Italian origins. ...Charly, Eddy, and their sister, Nora (b. 1938, first married to [[Rodolphe Gruss]] [1938-1964], then to the clown [[Les Chabri|Toto Chabri]]).
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  • (Freddy, 1922-1988) was born in Brussels on December 18, 1922. Like all circus children, the two sons of Manrico Meschi, known as Bario (1888-1974), and L In 1938, the Dario-Barios were in England, at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]]. Nello took advantage of the occasion to learn tap-dancing, of which Engl
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  • Although the name of Camilla Mayer is part of circus lore and legend, there have been actually several high wire artists by that ...] in Berlin. Already famous by then, the name of Camilla Mayer entered the circus pantheon through Lotte—a honor often bestowed upon celebrated artists
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  • ==Equestrian, Circus Director== * Video: [[Alexis_Gruss_Sr_Video_(1971)|Alexis Gruss, Sr., liberty act]], at the Cirque Municipal in Amiens, France (1971)
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  • ...erty act with [[Cirque Jean Richard]]'s horses, at the 2nd [[International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo]] (1975). The voice of the off-screen commentary is * History: [[The Gruss Dynasty]]
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  • ...975). The off-screen technical description of the act is made by the great circus photographer—and former Cadre Noir equestrian—Paul de Cordon (( * Biography: [[Lucien Gruss]]
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  • ==Menagerie and Circus Owners, Animal Trainers, Artists== ...[[Irina Bouglione Video (2013)|Irina Bouglione, Pole Act]], at the Bolshoi Circus in Moscow (2013)
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  • ...e of its famous name) with the legendary [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Parisian circus]]. ...sartelli family managed to become in just a few decades one of the largest circus families in Europe; it counts today about one hundred members.
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  • .... The name of that circus was homonymous to that of the legendary Parisian circus, but had no connection with it. It was “the other Medrano”—and st ...t and although they didn’t come from a circus family, they owned a small circus that traveled in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They always called Ludwig, wh
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