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  • File:Vesque_Althoff-D_Luxembourg_1934.jpeg|Circus Dominik Althoff (1934)
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  • ...Heiress to the oldest and most important German circus dynasty, the [[The Althoff Dynasty|Althoffs]], she ran from 1945 to 1968 a very successful circus, whi ===Carola Althoff===
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  • ...known and respected traveling circus owned by [[The Althoff Dynasty|Pierre Althoff]], which presented classic equestrian circus shows under round big tops or ...huge Circus Sarrasani; the following year, the once-glorious Circus Corty-Althoff had been obliged to fold its tents. However, now flush with foreign currenc
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  • ...cus Barlay]] of Harry Barlay and his wife [[Carola Williams|Carola]], née Althoff. ...presence of his brother-in-law in the family combine didn’t thrill Adolf Althoff!
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  • ...ountries outside the German borders in the early postwar era. Circus Franz Althoff was also the first European circus of that era to develop an acceptable com Franz Althoff also improved the circus performing space, introducing innovative concepts
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