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  • ...ularized by the great European cat trainers of the [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] school, which tended to privilege their animals’ actions over the train ...Artur Maria Rabenalt’s ''Zirkus Renz'', a biopic loosely based on August Heinrich Kober’s romanticized biography of [[Ernst Renz]], also titled ''Zirkus Re
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  • ...nt of Questenberg, where he settled and had a son, Heinrich Wilhelm Krone. Heinrich, who was active in the 1820s as a fruit farmer, was the father of Carl Kron [[File:Krone_Der_Triump.jpeg|thumb|left|300px|Hagenbeck's ''Der Triumph'']]In 1892, Krone's Menagerie Continental (also titled at s
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  • ...rst half of the twentieth century, one of the greatest cat trainers of the Hagenbeck school—although his spectacular style was markedly different from tha ===The Hagenbeck Years===
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  • ...For instance, the lions (and a Great Dane) of [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Carl Hagenbeck]] presented by Darling (whose real name was [[Eduard Deyerling]]) were feat ...tacular group of nine lions, five tigers, one bear and three dogs from the Hagenbeck menagerie presented by [[Willy Peters]], and the three elephants of the gor
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  • ...who were far more successful and reliable and ran the famous [[Circus Carl Hagenbeck]], named after their legendary father, as well as several circus buildings. ...the circus reverted to its old ''Dominik Althoff'' title. (Willy and Carl Hagenbeck lent their name to another circus venture under the management of [[Oskar H
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  • ...ture circus luminaries as [[Wilhelm Carré]], [[Wilhelm Salamonsky]] and [[Heinrich Herzog]]. ...enture came to an end. He restarted in 1871, this time in association with Heinrich Herzog, whom he had known when they were working together for Wollschläger
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