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  • ...Schulz, who had become a famous wild animal trapper for the firm of [[Carl Hagenbeck]], Fritz apprenticed as a butcher. But he shared with his uncle a passion f ...nd-up was motivated by the fact that he had received a timely offer from [[John Ringling North]] to go to the United States and work with all his animals o
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  • ...etersburg, Russia; that same year, one of his pupils, British equestrian [[John Bill Ricketts]] (1769-1802), opened the first circus in the United States, ...1832-1916), Otto (1837-1911), Alf T. (1863-1919), Charles (1864-1926), and John (1866-1936). One year after Bailey's death in 1906, the Ringlings acquired
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  • ...on the road. Adolf and Carola would manage the two circuses (Williams and Hagenbeck) conjointly until 1956. In the absence of Alfons and Jeanette, Carola also ...ano's elephants in Italy (1963)]]In 1963, news spread across Europe that [[John Ringling North]] was sending a touring unit of [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum
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  • ...[[Carl Krone]], colleagues and admirers such as [[Jérôme Medrano]] and [[John Ringling North]], and even, four generations later, [[Bernhard Paul]]. ...mals were horses, but a first elephant bought from [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] was soon added, and seven more would follow in 1906, purchased from the L
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  • ...mpertz]], who was taking over the circus from the ailing and cash-strapped John Ringling. [[File:Kannan_Bombayo_-_Hagenbeck-Wallace.jpg|thumb|left|350px|Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Poster (1933)]]One of the Ringling Circus’s immediate conc
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  • [[File:Krone_Der_Triump.jpeg|thumb|left|300px|Hagenbeck's ''Der Triumph'']]In 1892, Krone's Menagerie Continental (also titled at s Among them, Hamburg’s own [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] company was becoming synonymous with foreign exoticism, pioneering the tr
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  • ...who were far more successful and reliable and ran the famous [[Circus Carl Hagenbeck]], named after their legendary father, as well as several circus buildings. ...the circus reverted to its old ''Dominik Althoff'' title. (Willy and Carl Hagenbeck lent their name to another circus venture under the management of [[Oskar H
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