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  • ...ence of [[Philip Astley]], [[Charles Hughes]], [[Andrew Ducrow]], [[George Sanger]], and other luminaries of the British circus, they still hold an important ==John Samwell or Samwells (c.1820-1883), Equestrian==
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  • ...rofitably a fierce competition with the English circus king, [["Lord" John Sanger]]. ...lions, which were presented by the talented English wild animal trainer [[John Cooper]]. He later purchased four more elephants: The group became the firs
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  • ...dio Luxembourg’s game shows. [[Jérôme Medrano]] in Paris, along with [[John Ringling North]] in the United States (and, of course, the Soviet circus) h ...1997). Then she struck a deal with her friend, the American businessman [[John F. Cuneo]] (1931-2019), who had pioneered the breeding of white tigers in h
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