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  • ...Mills Circus]] at Olympia and the [[Harringay Circus]] in London; [[Circus Strassburger]] in Holland. They also appeared outdoors in several amusement parks in Sca ...or Tourjansky’s film, ''Salto Mortale'' (1953), starring Margot Heil and Karl Heinz Böhm. In 1956, the troupe was awarded [[Arturo Castilla]]’s ''Osca
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  • ...larized in Germany by the prolific and extremely successful Saxon novelist Karl May (1842-1912), a Radebeul resident and friend of Sarrasani. ...tional sensation by having the Indians making a pilgrimage to the grave of Karl May, the novelist who had popularized the American West stories in Germany
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  • ...Questenberg on September 19, 1833; Carl (whose name was sometimes spelled Karl) is the founder of the Krone circus dynasty. ...e-ring format. Gleich and Kludsky would go bankrupt in the process; as for Strassburger and Blumenfeld, two enterprises owned by respected Jewish circus families,
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  • ...s, the Nazi government had facilitated her purchase of the Jewish [[Circus Strassburger]], one of Germany's largest and most prestigious circuses. It was renamed ' The operation had been orchestrated by Emil Wacker, Circus Strassburger's manager and a member of the Nazi party. Wacker, who married Paula's daugh
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