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  • ...Michael and Paul learned juggling, and notably "passing," with co-member [[Larry Pisoni]], with whom Michael developed a juggling comedy routine. Pisoni wou had certainly never done. Michael flew to London first, but soon after, Larry let him know that couldn’t join him. It was a letdown, but Michael didnâ€
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  • ...Arts, then he worked as the stage manager for Julia Child's TV show, ''The French Chef''. He would later work as a talent coordinator for TV producer and hos ...t his partner-to-be, [[Michael Christensen]], and learned to juggle with [[Larry Pisoni]], who would soon after create the grassroots [[Pickle Family Circus
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  • ...our." As soon as Michael arrived in London, however, he received word that Larry couldn't join him there. Michael had often passed clubs with Paul Binder as ...ed in Petit's revue, ''Zizi, je t'aime!''. They subsequently appeared on a French TV show, where they were seen by [[Annie Fratellini]], who offered them a s
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  • The French equestrian [[Louis Soullier]] (1813-1888), who managed Vienna's Circus at t Another French equestrian, [[Jacques Tourniaire]] (1772-1829), went to Russia in 1816, whe
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