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  • ...urniaire Family|Tourniaires]], [[Giuseppe Chiarini]], and the flamboyant [[Louis Soullier]] certainly made their mark on the Middle Kingdom, but their tours
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  • .... Petersburg since he had already been there with the [[Jacques Tourniaire|Tourniaire Company]] in 1837. Viool was on his way to become an important figure of th ...e Olympique (Paris)|Cirque Olympique]], on the Boulevard du Temple, when [[Louis Dejean]] took over the [[The Franconi Dynasty|Franconis]]' circus in 1835.
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  • The French equestrian [[Louis Soullier]] (1813-1888), who managed Vienna's Circus at the Prater, toured t Another French equestrian, [[Jacques Tourniaire]] (1772-1829), went to Russia in 1816, where he established the first Russi
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  • a decent living from their trade; while Geneviève brought up Baptiste, Louis Delinsky took care of his acrobatic education. ...layed great strength and courage after a bad fall, which greatly impressed Tourniaire. The equestrian offered to take him as an apprentice, but Baptiste, who was
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  • ...ce as both a circus and a swimming pool, Gridaine and Sauffroy worked with Louis Solignac (1858-1902), the engineer who had conceived the technical features ...uestrian and circus director who had already served as ''régisseur'' in [[Louis Dejean]]’s Parisian circuses, Léopold Loyal was "tall, large, even ventr
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