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  • [[Image:Friedrich_Knie_(1784-1850).jpg|thumb|right|300px|Friedrich Knie]] ==Knie: The Swiss National Circus==
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  • also closely intertwined with the life of its three historic directors: Louis Fernando, [[Geronimo Medrano]], and [[Jérôme Medrano]]. ...rque Gauthier in Belgium, Holland, Germany, and England. During this time, Louis was being trained as an equestrian—against his will, it must be said.
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  • ...)|Cirque Medrano]] in Paris, and had been featured three times at [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland and once at the [[Big Apple Circus]] in the United States. ...great talent, Jean Andreev, alias Andreff (1919-1976), performed at Circus Knie’s during the 1940s, where he teamed up with the augustes [[Rodolphe Caval
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