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  • ...wo sons in 1929, prior to the appearance of the full-fledged Mills tenting show in 1930. ...and without any encouragement from his family, Harry developed a love for show business. He had been first entranced by the magic quality of a travelling
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  • was fondly remembered by the old circus folks and aficionados who were lucky to have known him. Jean Houcke was the grandson of [[The Houcke Dynasty|Jea ...ermany. Gilbert bragged that he could present a cage act in his father’s show (he would profess later that it was his arrogance that led him to become a
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  • avoid the conflict. There he began to take an interest in the world of show business—not so much in the theater as in the popular British Music-H ...nch government! Yet, for the time being, he put to use his new interest in show business.
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