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  • ...cage act in the performance until December, when the German trainer [[Otto Sailer-Jackson]] was hired with a group of tigers from [[Circus Krone]]. Sailer-Jackson was a celebrated cat trainer from the Hagenbeck school. He stayed with the
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  • ...performed with Circus Gleich, among whom the celebrated cat trainer [[Otto Sailer-Jackson]], the jockeys [[Ricono-Sturla Troupe|Ricono-Sturlas]] and [[The Althoff Dy
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  • ...ears after its modest beginnings, a poster of Circus Busch heralded [[Otto Sailer-Jackson]]—who was on his way to become one of the most famous cat trainers of
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  • ...iler would keep his alias as part of his name, and became famous as [[Otto Sailer-Jackson]]), and in December, [[Alfred Bendix]] brought a group of four lions from t
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