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  • ...nal clown character that stands as one of the twentieth century's greatest circus icons. ...s, the brothers began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba
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  • ...the [[State College for Circus and Variety Arts]]—the famous "Moscow Circus School"—where he was accepted in 1978, at age fifteen. ...a group act of jugglers on unicycle. Meanwhile, he was experimenting with new bouncing juggling rings, and decided to put together a solo-juggling act fo
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  • ...n [[Alessandro Guerra]] and his troupe gave their first performance in the circus they had just built on the old Place des Manèges—the "merry-go-round ...rn in Rome, Italy, Guerra (1790-1856) had started his career at Vienna's [[Circus Gymnasticus]], under the management of the Latvian equestrian [[Christoph d
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  • ...aged thirty-three years, a half-caste Aboriginal woman native of Wee Waa, New South Wales. ...fe were to have a family of ten children. On December 26, 1899 at Lismore, New South Wales, the Sullivans’ third and most fame-destined child was born;
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  • ==Singer, Actress, Clown, Circus Director, Circus Teacher== ...ool in 1975, which has become one of her country’s major state-sponsored circus schools, the [[Académie Fratellini]].
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  • ...f Monte Carlo]] in 1984, and the great respect in which he was held in the circus world at large are a testimony to his immense talent. ...-lasting passion for horses. Then, in 1958, his mother re-married with the circus horseman Kazbek Borisovich Nugzarov (1905-1979). Tamerlan rejoined her, and
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  • ...continents, performing in the most prestigious venues of the international circus and variety scene. ...ry thorough and complete training within his family—like all Italian circus kids—became a solo contortionist, and occasionally appeared as a bare
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  • ==Juggler, Magician, Circus Owner== ...gedy. He might also be considered the man who launched the [[Bertram Mills Circus]] on its first tour, having had a short connection with [[Bertram Mills|Ber
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  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...evements were the introduction of theatrical aesthetics into the traveling circus performance, a modern approach to public relations and marketing, his fores
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  • ...Pedro and Juan began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba Boby) and Polo performed their first clown entrée in the new family circus.
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  • ...n iconic figure of Britain’s premier circus at the time, [[Bertram Mills Circus]]. In addition to his professional work, he was also noted for his charitab ...zarenko]] (1890-1939), a clown and acrobat who would become a major circus star in the Soviet Union after the Communist revolution.
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  • ==Animal Trainer, Circus Owner== ...rainer and circus owner, third-generation of one of the few truly American circus dynasties. He was born on January 15, 1931 in St. Peter, Minnesota to Milto
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  • ...uguste association which became the norm in twentieth century’s European circus, although this can be argued: This entitlement could also be attributed (an ...1) was born on April 24, 1864 in Manchester, England, where his father’s circus was showing. His father’s real name has been said to be Tudor Hall (or Th
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  • ...ed to settle in Germany, where he toured for a while with his own ''Moscow Circus''. Yet, his return to Russia in 2015, for the first (and short-lived) [[Mas ...celebrated team, and every day, Oleg and his friends tried to emulate its star players in the courtyard of their apartment building. Then, when he began
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  • ...rque Medrano holds a singular place in the Parisian cultural fabric and in circus history. From its beginnings as Cirque Fernando, in 1873, until the end of ...into genuine circus stars; appearing in its ring was a recognition for any circus artist. Its last performance under Jérôme Medrano’s reign in January 19
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  • ...ill, his name holds a major place in Indian circus lore and legend, and in circus history in general: Not only was Kannan Bombayo incontestably the best in h ...rayi Korumban, struggled as a small farmer, and was not connected with the circus. In India, children’s names are different from their father’s; Kannan B
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  • =="Größter Circus Europas"== ...t circus building in Munich, the Kronebau, has been home to regular winter circus productions since 1919.
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  • ...d, for that matter, of Europe. For many years, it was the High Society’s circus of choice. Its relatively small size gave it warmth and intimacy (it was so ...Medrano]] began to enjoy one of its more lucrative periods; and the brand-new [[Empire Music-Hall Cirque]] opened its doors Avenue de Wagram: The small "
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  • ==Equestrians, Circus Owners== ...own circus and settled in (and then purchased) [[Ernst Renz]]’s flagship circus in Berlin in 1899—which remained active under Schumann’s ownership
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