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  • '''Charles Chipperfield''' Circus [ www.charleschipperfi * Generation Jean Richard [ generationjeanrichard.eklablog.
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  • debut in front of an audience as a cat trainer at age twenty, with Jean Richard’s own group of five lionesses. The year was 1969. ...[[Cirque Amar]], and then spent the 1972 and 1973 seasons at [[Cirque Jean Richard]].
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  •’s tigers to the French actor, comedian and amateur cat trainer [[Jean Richard]], who was on his way to become France’s premier circus impresario. flying act in U.V. lights. Added to the drawing power of [[Jean Richard]]’s name, it made for a very attractive line-up!
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  • ...k leopards at [[Circus Knie]]. The off-screen commentary is said by [[Jean Richard]] (1973)
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  • ...him with a group of fourteen lions that had been previously presented by [[Richard Havemann]], and sent him at the end of 1932 to perform for eighteen months (such as Franz Althoff, [[Cirque Pinder|Pinder]], [[Chipperfield Circus|Chipperfield]] and [[Billy Smart]]), and some excellent classic shows were thriving (suc
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  • ...therefore became William's new boss. The following year (1970) William and Chipperfield's lions toured with the East-German [[Circus Apollo]]. But business was bad ...ssisted by William, and later by William himself. In 1973 he appeared with Chipperfield's lions on the French popular television show, [[''La Piste aux Etoiles'']]
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