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  • The Togni family is one of the largest Italian circus dynasties still active today. I The dynasty was founded by Aristide Togni (1853-1924), a university student who, in the 1870s, ran away and joined th
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  • ...ober 1, 2008, Cesare Togni was the oldest member of the [[The Togni Family|Togni family]], one of Italy's foremost circus dynasties. He was a beloved circus Born in 1924, Cesare was the son of [[Ugo Togni]] (1897-1981) and Ugo's wife, a former acrobat, tumbler, and animal trainer. As an artist, Cesare
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  • ...the protection of the Fascist government. This association led to several Togni-Casartelli marriages, creating multiple ties between the two families. ...e circuses were in the "first class" category: [[The Orfei Family|Orfei]], Togni, and [[The Jarz Family|Jarz]]. Leonida Casartelli’s Circo Aurora quickly
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