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  • ...and he remained with the show when the [[The Ringling Brothers|Ringling]] brothers combined it with the Ringling-owned [[Barnum & Bailey Circus]] the followin ...questrian and aerialist, while working with the Ringling-owned [[Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus]] in 1943. When not on the road, Paul and Elsie settled in Tampa, Fl
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  • ...giant circus conglomerate created by the [[The Ringling Brothers|Ringling Brothers]], Al (1832-1916), Otto (1837-1911), Alf T. (1863-1919), Charles (1864-1926 ...h. The last notable circus pantomime was a spectacular adaptation of Lewis Wallace's ''Ben Hur ''which the French circus [[The Gruss Dynasty|Gruss]] performe
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  • ...also ready just in time for the auspicious visit of one of [[The Ringling Brothers|John Ringling]]’s talent scouts: The family was immediately offered a con [[File:Kannan_Bombayo_-_Hagenbeck-Wallace.jpg|thumb|left|350px|Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Poster (1933)]]One of the Ringling Circus’s immediate concerns was
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  • ...ican circuses took on to present themselves as family organizations run by brothers—although few of them genuinely were!)
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  • When the United States entered WW1 in December 1917, both brothers were drafted and joined the Army. They resumed performing after the war. Th that time that he started working with [[Mark Huling]]. Huling and his brothers ran multiple sea lion acts, and three of them worked in three rings with th
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