Kris Kremo Interview 2007

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During Big Apple Circus performances around September 22, 2007, Dominique Jando interviewed Kris Kremo. Kris spoke of the following topics and asked the following questions:

  • Josef Kremo, Kris Kremo's great grandfather Video
  • Josef Kremo and the Scheffers Video
  • Karl Kremo, Kris Kremo's grandfather Video
  • Béla Kremo, Kris Kremo's father and teacher Video
  • Béla Kremo, acrobat and Enrico Rastelli Video
  • Was Béla Kremo the first juggler to do the "three balls, three hats, three boxes" presentation? Video
  • Was your father's act considered modern at the time? Video
  • Did your father start training you as a kid? Video
  • Did you intend to become a juggler? Video
  • Did you start your career performing in a duet with your father? Video
  • Will your children continue the family tradition? Video
  • Do you plan to continue juggling? Video
  • How difficult is it to perform a juggling act like yours? Video
  • Is the rebirth of "Varieté" theaters in Europe good for artists like you? Video

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