Los Aregos

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Chinese Pole

Roberto Rodriguez, Daniel Pupo, and Pupo's wife, Linnet Arego, were born in Cuba, where they held professorships at the Cuban National Gymnastics Academy. They also competed nationally and internationally in gymnastics and artistic roller-skating.

They came together in 1994 to form the acrobatic trio Los Aregos. The trio developed a Chinese Pole act, which they performed in Havanan nightclubs before embarking on a European tour with an official Cuban circus company. While abroad, they defected and eventually immigrated to the United States.

Los Aregos have performed extensively throughout North America, most notably with Circo Atayde in Mexico and with the Royal Hanneford Circus and the Big Apple Circus in the United States. In 2001, they won a bronze medal at the World Circus Festival in Brazil.

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