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==New Videos==
==New Videos==
* [[Grushin_Video_(2022)|The Grushin Troupe]], trampoline and Risley act (2022)
* [[Dias_Sisters_Video_(2022)|The Dias Sisters]], balancing act (2022)
* [[Dias_Sisters_Video_(2022)|The Dias Sisters]], balancing act (2022)
* [[Duss_Video_(2015)|Petra & Roland Duss]], sea lion act (2015)
* [[Duss_Video_(2015)|Petra & Roland Duss]], sea lion act (2015)
* [[Yinchuan_Troupe_Unicycle_Video_(2020)|Yinchuan Acrobatic Troupe]], bowl juggling on unicycles (2020)
* [[Yinchuan_Troupe_Unicycle_Video_(2020)|Yinchuan Acrobatic Troupe]], bowl juggling on unicycles (2020)
* [[Gemini_Twins_Video_(2022)|Gemini Twins]], aerial hoop (2022)
* [[Gemini_Twins_Video_(2022)|Gemini Twins]], aerial hoop (2022)
* [[Voladas_Video_(2015)|The Voladas]], horizontal bars (2015)
==New Oral Histories==
==New Oral Histories==

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Kronebau Poster 1966.jpg
Circus Krone is the world's oldest circus company: It has been owned and operated continuously by the same family for more than a century and has maintained throughout the years the standards of quality initiated by its founder, Carl Krone, as well as its original menagerie’s heritage. Its tours in many European countries, especially between the two world wars, have established its fame beyond the confines of Germany, its homeland. In addition, under various incarnations, its permanent circus building in Munich, the Kronebau, has been home to regular winter circus productions since 1919.

Founded by Carl Krone (1833-1900), then developed by his son, Carl Krone, Jr. (1870-1943), the Krone organization typically grew from a fairground menagerie to a giant circus, according to a pattern quite common at the turn of the twentieth century in Europe, triggered by the European tour of the giant American circus Barnum & Bailey, which introduced European audiences to their first three-ring circus traveling with a full-fledged menagerie.

Yet, unlike other enterprises that followed the same model, Circus Krone’s discreet owners remained financially conservative, avoiding the dangerous ostentation of some of their colleagues; in doing so, they averted the crises and failures that had often plagued their competition. They developed international tour strategies that followed the ever-changing European economic cycles, which were strongly sustained by their successful activities in their home-based circus building, Munich’s Kronebau, established in 1919.

After WWII and the death of Carl Krone Jr. in 1943, Circus Krone became, remarkably, a woman affair: It has been first led magnificently by Frieda Krone Sembach (1915-1995), Carl’s daughter, then by her daughter, Christel Krone Sembach (1956-2017), and today by Jana Mandana Krone, Christel’s adoptive daughter—the three of them having excelled in equestrian and animal presentations as much as in circus management. Krone has proudly remained during all that time Größter Circus Europas ("Europe’s Largest Circus").... (more...)

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New Videos

  • The Grushin Troupe, trampoline and Risley actAct performed by Icarists, in which one acrobat, lying on his back, juggles another acrobat with his feet. (Named after Richard Risley Carlisle, who developed this type of act.) (2022)
  • The Dias Sisters, balancing act (2022)
  • Petra & Roland Duss, sea lion act (2015)
  • Yinchuan Acrobatic Troupe, bowl juggling on unicycles (2020)
  • Gemini Twins, aerial hoopA heavy metallic hoop used as a variance of trapeze, usually with contortion moves. (Also called Cerceau.) (2022)

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