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==New Videos==
==New Videos==
* [[Triplés_Video_(2004)|Les Triplés]], Comedy Flying Act (2004)
* [[Leontenko_Video_(1953)|Gitana Leontenko]], Ballerina On Horseback (1953)
* [[Leontenko_Video_(1953)|Gitana Leontenko]], Ballerina On Horseback (1953)
* [[Zvyagin_Video_(1953)|Zvyagin Troupe]] Flying Trampoline Act (1953)
* [[Zvyagin_Video_(1953)|Zvyagin Troupe]] Flying Trampoline Act (1953)
* [[Wallendas_Video_(2003)|The Wallendas]], High Wire (2003)
* [[Wallendas_Video_(2003)|The Wallendas]], High Wire (2003)
* [[Shanghai_Barre_Video_(2018)|The Sganghai Acrobatic Troupe]], Russian Barre (2018)
* [[Shanghai_Barre_Video_(2018)|The Sganghai Acrobatic Troupe]], Russian Barre (2018)
* [[Markov_Video_(2018)|Duo Markov]], Aerial Perch (2018)
==New Oral Histories==
==New Oral Histories==

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In The Spotlight

Gilbert Houcke and Tiger.png


Considered by many as the greatest and most innovative tiger trainer of all times, Gilbert Houcke (1918-1984) was, from the mid-1940s up to 1971, an indisputable European circus star whose name alone could sell tickets to any circus. His abundant charisma, his elegance, his gentle methods of training, the genuine love he showed to his animals, and the unforgettable beauty and originality of his presentations, which were much ahead of their time, have made his one of the great names of the twentieth century’s European circus.

Gilbert Houcke was born May 28, 1918 in Grenoble, France, to old circus aristocracy. His father was the brilliant and dapper equestrian and circus director Jean Houcke (1878-1973), whose old-world elegance (his white silk scarf, monocle and bowler hat—or, in the summer, a boater) was fondly remembered by the old circus folks and aficionados who were lucky to have known him. Jean Houcke was the grandson of Jean Léonard Houcke, a French equestrian who had settled in Sweden, where he originated his circus dynasty in the 19th century.

Gilbert’s mother, born Marcelle Rancy (1894-1963), was the daughter of Alphonse Rancy (1861-1933) and granddaughter of Théodore Rancy (1818-1892). Théodore was the founder of one of France’s oldest and most respected circus dynasties, allied to practically all of Europe’s major circus families. Interestingly, Marcelle’s own mother was born Jeanne Bidel and was the daughter of the famous cat trainer(English/American) An trainer or presenter of wild cats such as tigers, lions, leopards, etc. and menagerie owner François Bidel (1839-1909). Thus, although the Houckes and Rancys were mostly known as equestrians, there were traces of a cat trainer(English/American) An trainer or presenter of wild cats such as tigers, lions, leopards, etc. in Gilbert’s DNA.

Gilbert Houcke was the third of Jean and Marcelle Houcke’s five children: Huguette (1915-1982), Maurice (1917-2002), Gilbert, Sacha (1923-1994) and Nadia (1925-2011). He was born during an engagement of his parents in his grandfather’s circus, the Cirque Alphonse Rancy, which was then showing in Grenoble, an important city southeast of Lyon at the foot of the French Alps. Like his talented brothers and sisters, Gilbert was trained at an early age in all circus basics, from tumbling and acrobatics to the family tradition, equestrianism in all its multiple facets.... (more...)

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