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CIRCOPEDIA is a living international circus encyclopedia: it evolves constantly, with new videos, biographies, essays, and documents added on a weekly basis—and sometimes, on a daily basis. In all probability, its growth will never end. Keep visiting us: if you don't find something today, it may be there tomorrow! -- Dominique Jando

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Kris Kremo

A true juggling legend, Kristian (Kris) Gaston Kremo was born in Paris in 1951, the son of Béla Kremo, a former icaristAcrobat who juggle another acrobat with his feet. See Icarism, Risley Act. whose "Gentleman Juggler" act was famous the world over, and his wife Marianne, née Kalbitz, both Swiss citizens. Kris went to school in Switzerland, often joining during his summer vacations the circuses his father toured with. There he learned various circus disciplines, which he performed with other circus kids in amateur shows—and there his father began training him as a juggler, discouraging him to pursue an acrobatic career. Kris's juggling education was carried out the rest of the year through written instructions his father sent him by mail. (Béla Kremo checked his son's progress each time he returned home.) more...

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