Regina Dobrovitskaya

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Aerialist, Acrobat

By Dominique Jando

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Regina Dobrovitskaya started training in competitive gymnastics at the age of 11. She participated in team-gymnastics competitions all over the former Soviet Union and holds a Master's degree in Sports-Gymnastics. In 1985, she went to train at the Circus Studio in Moscow, the professional training center of the SoyuzGosTsirk, then the central state organization of the Russian circus (today RosGosTsirk). There she trained with Vladimir Egorov in a combination act involving aerial casting cradle and Russian barre. She made her debut with this act at Moscow's Bolshoi Circus on Verdnatsky Avenue in 1988. For ten years, she was a member of the Egorov Troupe, performing in their simplified version of the aerial act and in their spectacular Russian barreFlexible pole, held horizontally by two catchers, or under-standers, with which they propelled a flyer in acrobatic figures from and to the pole. act. The Egorov Troupe toured extensively with various units of the Moscow Circus in Europe and Asia, and made their American debut with the Big Apple Circus in 1992. The Egorov Troupe returned regularly to the Big Apple Circus with one act or the other until 1996, at which point, Vladimir Egorov dissolved his troupe. Regina decided then to stay with the Big Apple Circus as a member of its resident company. Since 1997, she has performed all sorts of acrobatic and aerial acts, including hand-to-handAn acrobatic act in which one or more acrobats do hand-balancing in the hands of an under-stander. balancing, aerial "bambou" with Valdis Yanovskis, and swinging trapeze.