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  • ...lsie, an equestrian and aerialist, while working with the Ringling-owned [[Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus]] in 1943. When not on the road, Paul and Elsie settled in T
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  • ...same success in major European circuses, including [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]], [[Circus Williams|Williams]], [[Circus Scott|Scott]], [[The Strassburger ...ntered in an agreement with a former concession manager for [[Circus Willy Hagenbeck]] to launch a ''Circus Rivels''. This was not to the taste of Charlie Rivel
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  • buildings; Sarrasani had its own building in Dresden, Krone in Münich, Hagenbeck in Stellingen, and Paris alone maintained four permanent circuses. This, of
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  • ...on the road. Adolf and Carola would manage the two circuses (Williams and Hagenbeck) conjointly until 1956. In the absence of Alfons and Jeanette, Carola also ...y, the marriage was perhaps more the result of circumstances than anything else; it lasted only six years. Nonetheless, Gunther remained with the circus th
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  • ...ularized by the great European cat trainers of the [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] school, which tended to privilege their animals’ actions over the train ...iss trainer [[Eugen Weidmann]] presented in Germany at [[Circus Friederike Hagenbeck]] (which belonged to [[Carola Williams]]).
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  •" The polar bears belonged to the Klant Zoo, created by [[Willy Hagenbeck]]’s stepson, [[Erie Klant]] (1912-1990), on the hill of Cauberg in Valken ...ant Zoo. She made her debut the following year, in 1952, at [[Circus Willy Hagenbeck]] with a group of five lions. Perhaps to tell her apart from Adriaan, she h
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  • ...mals were horses, but a first elephant bought from [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] was soon added, and seven more would follow in 1906, purchased from the L|Krone]]), [[Circus Barum|Barum]] (Kreiser), and [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]]. Their owners had all been influenced by the European triumphs of Barnum
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  • [[File:Kannan_Bombayo_-_Hagenbeck-Wallace.jpg|thumb|left|350px|Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Poster (1933)]]One of the Ringling Circus’s immediate conc ...season, part of the Ringling cast was transferred to the Ringling-owned [[Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus]], including the Canestrellis and Kannan Bombayo, who was gi
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  • ...riding lion. It was not something new in the circus world—the [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbecks]] began training riding lions in 1889—but it was n
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  • [[File:Krone_Der_Triump.jpeg|thumb|left|300px|Hagenbeck's ''Der Triumph'']]In 1892, Krone's Menagerie Continental (also titled at s Among them, Hamburg’s own [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Hagenbeck]] company was becoming synonymous with foreign exoticism, pioneering the tr
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  • trainers of his generation, who came from the famous [[Erie Klant|Klant-Hagenbeck]] school of Walkenburg, in the Netherlands; Baumann taught Walter the rudim
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  • ...rst half of the twentieth century, one of the greatest cat trainers of the Hagenbeck school—although his spectacular style was markedly different from tha ===The Hagenbeck Years===
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  • ...nistrative accountant for the circuses of [[Alfred Schneider]] and [[Willy Hagenbeck]], and by 1935, for the new [[Circus Barlay]] of Harry Barlay and his wife ===Willy Hagenbeck's Struggles===
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  • ...For instance, the lions (and a Great Dane) of [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Carl Hagenbeck]] presented by Darling (whose real name was [[Eduard Deyerling]]) were feat ...]] and, of course, Chocolat, among others. Foottit, who was, like everyone else, aware of Chocolat’s potential had asked Donval to hire him independently
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  • ...who were far more successful and reliable and ran the famous [[Circus Carl Hagenbeck]], named after their legendary father, as well as several circus buildings. ...the circus reverted to its old ''Dominik Althoff'' title. (Willy and Carl Hagenbeck lent their name to another circus venture under the management of [[Oskar H
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  • ...and Portugal, where he toured at the beginning of the hostilities with the Hagenbeck menagerie as an adjunct to his traveling circus—a move that proved qu
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  • ...ircus Renz in Vienna, owned by [[The Hagenbeck Dynasty|Heinrich and Lorenz Hagenbeck]], and then went to Göteborg and Stockholm. Their 1939 summer tour in Swed
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