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  • ==Acrobat, Circus Owner, Animal Trainer== ...the greatest wild animal trainers of all times—and as such, a major circus star in Europe and America.
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  • ..., however, has chosen this arduous specialty, and he has performed it with great success for more than three decades, in addition to being a talented august ...e Fratellini’s school had acquired at various times the services of such circus equestrian luminaries as [[Chotachen Courtault]] and [[Francesco Caroli]].
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  • ...chulz as a “honest and courageous guy, who had what it takes to become a great trainer.” ===Circus Debut===
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  • ...y where the level of extreme poverty is still fairly high, a few traveling circus entrepreneurs may have resorted to methods that have fortunately vanished m [[File:Rambo_Circus_(2011).jpeg|thumb|right|375px|Rambo Circus (2011)]]
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  • [[File:Chiarini_Utagawa_Masanobu.jpg|thumb|right|450px|Chiarini's Circus in Japan (1886)]] ==Equestrian, Circus Entrepreneur==
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  • Reggie Armor (1929-2010) was one of the great flyers of the 1960s and 1970s, a triple somersaulter at a time when only a ...29 in Los Angeles, California, to a family that had no connection with the circus world. In his teens, young Reggie learned acrobatics on the famous "Muscle
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  • ...Banola Troupe. Andrée adopted his name (as was the tradition then, in the circus, when a young performer had apprenticed to a famous master) when she starte ...n 1946 (and again in 1950) at Paris’s (and the world's) oldest permanent circus, the [[Cirque d’Hiver]]. The following year, she went on tour with the Fr
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  • luminaries of the British circus, they still hold an important place in circus history.'' ...rcus performers and entrepreneurs, thus establishing one of the very first circus dynasties.''
    34 KB (5,683 words) - 06:30, 8 November 2018
  • ...n [[Alessandro Guerra]] and his troupe gave their first performance in the circus they had just built on the old Place des Manèges—the "merry-go-round Rimini, Italy, Guerra (1782-1862) had started his career at Vienna's [[Circus Gymnasticus]], under the management of the Latvian equestrian [[Christoph d
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  • ...obatic Theater followed the same development pattern. Whereas European and American circuses were in a constant search for novelties and new techniques (driven ...more than fifty countries, including Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, the United States, Sweden, France, and other countries in S
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  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...unced the "Death of Britain’s Nº 1 Showman" and the "King of the Modern Circus," indicating the unrivalled position in which the showman was revered.
    23 KB (3,794 words) - 19:11, 31 December 2020
  • ==Circus Owner and Director== ...break for National Service in the Royal Air Force. After the Bertram Mills Circus closed down in 1967, he and Cyril Mills remained close friends.''
    24 KB (3,925 words) - 23:16, 14 September 2021
  • ...rt biographical note, that: "I gained my first experience in my father’s circus touring Australia and did my first act at the age of three, an act consisti ...s. Old Con seems to have made up his mind to get his family started in the circus business, a hard life—but a lucrative one if a family of performers c
    19 KB (3,199 words) - 21:58, 1 October 2021
  • ...Russian pop music—among others. And Leonid Engibarov for the Russian circus. ...he ringmaster in the circus ring, or [[SoyuzGosTsirk]], the central Soviet circus organization, in real life. In this, he embodied the moods of a new Soviet
    22 KB (3,608 words) - 21:34, 3 June 2021
  • Barrett has become the most loved and best known circus personality in Great Britain—regarded as "The World’s Greatest Ringmaster," and dubbed b ===Barrett’s Canadian Circus===
    19 KB (3,183 words) - 02:58, 11 September 2020
  • ...continents, performing in the most prestigious venues of the international circus and variety scene. ...ry thorough and complete training within his family—like all Italian circus kids—became a solo contortionist, and occasionally appeared as a bare
    14 KB (2,251 words) - 00:01, 10 May 2019
  • ...obatic Theater followed the same development pattern. Whereas European and American circuses were in a constant search for novelties and new techniques (driven ...ding a spectacular acrobatic version of ''Swan Lake'' that has toured with great success all over the world.
    6 KB (900 words) - 01:31, 10 August 2021
  • ==Juggler, Magician, Circus Owner== ...gedy. He might also be considered the man who launched the [[Bertram Mills Circus]] on its first tour, having had a short connection with [[Bertram Mills|Ber
    38 KB (6,425 words) - 18:33, 31 July 2016
  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...evements were the introduction of theatrical aesthetics into the traveling circus performance, a modern approach to public relations and marketing, his fores
    23 KB (3,505 words) - 21:51, 12 February 2021
  • .... The name of that circus was homonymous to that of the legendary Parisian circus, but had no connection with it. It was “the other Medrano”—and st ...t and although they didn’t come from a circus family, they owned a small circus that traveled in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They always called Ludwig, wh
    11 KB (1,760 words) - 02:08, 13 August 2018

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