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  • .... The name of that circus was homonymous to that of the legendary Parisian circus, but had no connection with it. It was “the other Medrano”—and st ...t and although they didn’t come from a circus family, they owned a small circus that traveled in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They always called Ludwig, wh
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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...r mother, Gertrude, was a member of the [[Reichenback Family|Reichenbach]] circus family. A physically powerful woman, Gertrude acquired fame with an elegant ...lace, and a four-year contract with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus from 1928 through 1933. There, she occupied a center-ring position in a pro
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  • ...(today the [[Académie Fratellini]], one of the western world's very first circus schools, which [[Annie Fratellini]] had just opened in Paris in 1975. There ...rica, and Asia. He was invited twice to participate in the [[International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo]], in 1990 (Tristan Rémy award) and 1996 (Junior J
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  • ==Actor, Comedian, Circus Owner== His early encounters with circus performers (particularly [[Martha-la-Corse]], a cat trainer) triggered his
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  • ...athias Ivanovich Beketov, born in Orel (Russia) in 1867, had established a circus company in Italy, and he had noticed the young Giacomo, who trained in the ...ack riding, tumbling, and vaulting on the "batoude," and became a complete circus artist.
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  • ==Circus Director and Animal Trainer== ...d Rajah, thus beginning a long career as an animal trainer in his family's circus.
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  • ...nization that had, until then, produced annually an important fund-raising circus gala in Paris. ...ala de la Piste'', a black-tie gala featuring some of the world's greatest circus acts, which was produced by Dominique Mauclair and staged at Paris's [[Cirq
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  • ==Circus Owner, Animal Trainer, Actress== ...he golden age of Italian cinema. But it was also due to the quality of her circus.
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  • ...nal clown character that stands as one of the twentieth century's greatest circus icons. ...s, the brothers began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba
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  • ==Circus Producer and Artistic Director== ...famous Parisian circus. There, David had an invaluable initiation into the circus world.
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  • ==Knie: The Swiss National Circus== ...d be at the origin of one of the world's most prestigious and long-lasting circus dynasties. Born in Erfurt and nineteen years old, the young Friedrich left
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  • ...e world’s oldest extant circus building. It is also the world’s oldest circus still in activity: It opened its doors in 1852. Its address, at 110 rue Ame ...e (Paris)|Cirque Olympique]], located some five hundred yards from his new circus, on the portion of the Boulevard du Temple that disappeared in 1862, during
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  • ...Russia and Eastern Europe. His is by far the most famous (and most copied) circus clown in the world. David is the first traditional circus auguste to have brilliantly synthesized the virtuosity of old musical augus
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  • ...928, in a family connected to show business and animals, albeit not to the circus: Heinz’s father was a movie stuntman who worked with horses for UFA in Be ...of the monumental [[Circus Busch]] in Berlin, and had reigned over a vast circus empire that included circuses in Altona, Hamburg, Breslau, and Vienna, and
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  • ...Rabenalt’s ''Die drei Codonas'' (1940)—a very rare occurrence for circus artists—and two romanticized biographies. Alfredo (1893-1937) and Abelardo ("Lalo," 1895-1951) Codona were born into a circus family. Their grandfather, Henry, came from a long line of Scottish showmen
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  • ==Acrobat, Circus Owner, Animal Trainer== ...the greatest wild animal trainers of all times—and as such, a major circus star in Europe and America.
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  • Daniel grew up in the circus. He was still a teenager when he was hired by [[Jo Clavel]] to work in [[Je lions were still bred. The following year (1971) Daniel Suskov made his circus debut with that group at [[Cirque Amar]], and then spent the 1972 and 1973
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  • ...trainer Fritz W. Schulz (1910-2010) was one of Australia's most celebrated circus personalities. He had a long and brilliant career that spanned six decades ===Circus Debut===
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  • ...Nona, their mother, was born [[The Bedinis|Bedini]], a celebrated Russian circus family of Italian origins. ...Moustier (c.1900)]]The first Dedessus le Moutier known to have joined the circus was a woman, Marie-Célestine, whose son, Alphonse, created the Cirque Mous
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  • ...Banola Troupe. Andrée adopted his name (as was the tradition then, in the circus, when a young performer had apprenticed to a famous master) when she starte ...ame for herself: Her handstand on her trapeze bar didn’t fail to impress circus professionals and aficionados, and her act continued to improve over the ye
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  • (Freddy, 1922-1988) was born in Brussels on December 18, 1922. Like all circus children, the two sons of Manrico Meschi, known as Bario (1888-1974), and L In 1938, the Dario-Barios were in England, at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]]. Nello took advantage of the occasion to learn tap-dancing, of which Engl
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  • File:Circus_Grock_Poster.jpg|Circus Grock Poster (1953)
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  • ==Singer, Actress, Clown, Circus Director, Circus Teacher== ...s school in 1975, which has become one of France’s major state-sponsored circus schools, the [[Académie Fratellini]].
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  • ...ed period of forty years, from 1939 through 1979, at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]], of which he became the undisputed star and, without a doubt, the most po old French circus family of Italian origins—like so many ancient circus families anywhere else in the world. As for [[Jean-Marie Cairoli]] (1879-1
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  • ...continents, performing in the most prestigious venues of the international circus and variety scene. ...ry thorough and complete training within his family—like all Italian circus kids—became a solo contortionist, and occasionally appeared as a bare
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  • File:Nikitin_Fratelini.jpeg|Les Fratellini at Circus Nikitin in Moscow (1913) File:Serge_and_Fratellini.png|Les Fratellini with the circus chronicler Serge (1947)
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  •, where he played the Moulin Rouge and [[Cirque Medrano]] in Paris and [[Circus Knie]] in Switzerland, among many other venues, and toured with the ice sho
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  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...evements were the introduction of theatrical aesthetics into the traveling circus performance, a modern approach to public relations and marketing, his fores
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  • ...e of its famous name) with the legendary [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Parisian circus]]. ...sartelli family managed to become in just a few decades one of the largest circus families in Europe; it counts today about one hundred members.
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  • .... The name of that circus was homonymous to that of the legendary Parisian circus, but had no connection with it. It was “the other Medrano”—and st ...t and although they didn’t come from a circus family, they owned a small circus that traveled in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They always called Ludwig, wh
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Swoboda, Ludwig]]
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Swoboda, Therese]]
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Swoboda-Medini, Hella]]
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Swoboda, Tulli]]
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Swoboda-Monti, Anita]]
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]] [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Swoboda, Wanda]]
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  • #REDIRECT: [[Circus Medrano-Swoboda]]
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  • ==Circus Memorialists== ...perhaps the most remarkable visual documentation existing on the European circus of the first half of the twentieth century.
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  • ...d circus director, [[Alphonse Rancy]] (1861-1933). She belonged to genuine circus aristocracy and, not surprisingly, she was an equestrienne of great talent. ...e]] eventually turned into a unforgettable tiger trainer—and a major circus star when he became the first "Tarzan" of the big cage in the 1940s, wearin
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  • ...r of [[Pierre Périé]], the owner of a highly respected French provincial circus before WWII. ...irschke]] (1920-2001), with whom the Medinis shared a bill at Vienna’s [[Circus Renz]]. From then on, Italo began training in a specialty for which he show
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  • [[Category:Circus Acts|Goetschis]][[Category:Novelty Acts|Goetschis]][[Category:Unicycle|Goet
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  • ...Pedro and Juan began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba Boby) and Polo performed their first clown entrée in the new family circus.
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  • ...(Oftentimes, what seems spectacular on the stage loses its efficiency in a circus ring, which is a far more challenging performing space.) ...[[The Andreu-Rivels]], Charlie Rivel’s family act, with [[Bertram Mills Circus]]; and Valentino in Brussels. They all began performing at a tender age, wo
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  • ...d been a center-ring headliner with [[Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey]] Circus in the United States for seven consecutive seasons. She was also courageous ...troubles, and in an area also totally devoid of competition. (The Spanish circus scene at the time was particularly active.)
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  • ...French television show [[''La Piste aux Étoiles'']] and himself a former circus and variety performer (with a legendary musical act in which no music was e ...nt, and more precisely the type of visual comedy that was performed in the circus or on the music-hall stages.
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  • ...Gerry Troupe was one of the most successful high wire acts on the European circus scene in the late forties, fifties, and early sixties. Starting in 1945, th ...ertram Mills Circus]] at Olympia and the [[Harringay Circus]] in London; [[Circus Strassburger]] in Holland. They also appeared outdoors in several amusement
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  • ...common denominator between Roman and modern circuses is the word itself, ''circus'', which means in Latin as in English, "circle". ===Philip Astley: The Father Of The Modern Circus===
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  • ==Equestrian, Acrobat, Clown, Circus Owner== ...created there toured extensively, and where he even established a resident circus in Paris.
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  • ==Carola Williams And Her Circus== ...he Althoff Dynasty|Althoffs]], she ran from 1945 to 1968 a very successful circus, which presented elegant shows with excellent artists and outstanding eques
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  • ...have made his one of the great names of the twentieth century’s European circus. ...]], a French equestrian who had settled in Sweden, where he originated his circus dynasty in the 19th century.
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  • ...for his long partnership with [[Charlie Cairoli]] at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]]. He was, however, first and foremost a musician. Born on 26th August, 190 ...'Charlie Cairoli and Paul'', the perennial star act at the Blackpool Tower Circus. Thanks to Paul’s ability to play a variety of instruments, Charlie could
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  • ...enough, Ernst would give him a solid "rap" on the head. Indeed, like many circus performers of his generation, Walter felt that life was tough for him as a, the Wintergarten’s director. Schuch, who was indeed a savvy judge of circus and variety acts, liked to see young artists try new things, and he made a
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  • ...Enders on April 16, 1935 in Köln (Cologne), Germany, to an old family of circus equestrians. His parents were Hugo Enders (1899-1952), a jockey and horse t ...von der Gathen (1908-1999), who was Alma’s sister and was married to the circus director and animal trainer [[Adolf Althoff]] (1913-1998). Adi was trained
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  • ...South Holland, in the Netherlands, to a family that was not related to the circus. As a young woman, Tini went on to work as a stenographer at the Dutch Defe ...the traditional winter season of [[Circus Strassburger]] in the legendary "circus-theater." The polar bears belonged to the Klant Zoo, created by [[Willy Hag
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  • A fourth-generation circus performer (through her mother), Lola Dobritch (1922-2008) was one of the gr ...dancer. She made her debut on the wire at age ten, in 1932, in the family circus.
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  • File:Mills_Program_1959.png|Bertram Mills Circus program cover (1959)
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  • ...[David_Rosaire_BAC_Video_(1989)|David Rosaire, dog act]], at the Big Apple Circus (1989)
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  • ...ntury, under a succession of owners of more or less legitimate lineage. In circus lore, Sarrasani is still a fabled name that evokes a history of epic propor ==HANS STOSCH’S CIRCUS SARRASANI==
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  • a magnetic presence and a charm that stirred unbridled enthusiasm among circus aficionados and journalists alike. ...n Rosemarie Goldnagel in 1922 in Vienna, Austria. She didn’t belong to a circus family but she was a very physical and active child, and her parents made h
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  • ...under the spotlight when Roland Prin married into France’s most powerful circus dynasty, the [[The Bouglione Family|Bouglione]] family. Josette Bouglione ( ...he smallest of the big circuses"). At the time of Roland’s marriage, the circus was managed by Gabriel Prin, along with his brothers Claude (known as Arsè
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  • ...uguste association which became the norm in twentieth century’s European circus, although this can be argued: This entitlement could also be attributed (an ...1) was born on April 24, 1864 in Manchester, England, where his father’s circus was showing. His father’s real name has been said to be Tudor Hall (or Th
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  • ...entreprise, et reprit la route seul sous l’enseigne ''Foottit’s Allied Circus''. (Powell et Clarke continuèrent leur fructueuse association en Irlande, ...terre. Il trouva un engagement avec le ''Hollander’s Great International Circus'', qui se produisait pour la saison de Noël sur la scène du Théâtre Roy
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  • ...Guido. Guido (1911-?) married Cleofe Denji, who came from another Italian circus family, and together they had three children, Anna (b. January 5, 1940), Vi ...the famous Austrian circus (before it went bankrupt and became an Italian circus), and the Aratas returned to their country, where they worked for a time wi
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  • ...rque Medrano holds a singular place in the Parisian cultural fabric and in circus history. From its beginnings as Cirque Fernando, in 1873, until the end of ...into genuine circus stars; appearing in its ring was a recognition for any circus artist. Its last performance under Jérôme Medrano’s reign in January 19
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  • ...28 to Oreste and Tamara Raspini. The Raspinis were one of many old Italian circus families established in the Russian Empire prior to the Bolshevik Revolutio ...was already an accomplished juggler; he made his solo debut in 1942, at [[Circus Mikkenie-Strassburger]] in Holland, with his beautiful sister, Elvira, as h
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  • Em 1938, les Dario-Bario étaient en Angleterre, au [[Tower Circus]] de Blackpool. Nello profita de son séjour pour apprendre à danser les c ...armistice du 22 juin 1940, la France était occupée par l’Allemagne. [[Circus Busch|Paula Busch]], qui était à la tête de l’empire du cirque alleman
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  • ...ill, his name holds a major place in Indian circus lore and legend, and in circus history in general: Not only was Kannan Bombayo incontestably the best in h ...rayi Korumban, struggled as a small farmer, and was not connected with the circus. In India, children’s names are different from their father’s; Kannan B
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  • ...Trapeze|Medrano, Geronimo]][[Category:Clowns|Medrano, Geronimo]][[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Medrano, Geronimo]]
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  • [[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Medrano, Jerome]]
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  • ==Circus Owner, Equestrian== ...recognized as one of the greatest horse trainers of his time, both in the circus world and in equestrian circles.
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  • File:Fratellini_Jrs.jpeg|Kiko, Popol & Baba Fratellini at Circus 59 (1959)
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  • ...d Acts|Fernando, Louis]][[Category:Equestrians|Fernando, Louis]][[Category:Circus Owners and Directors|Fernando, Louis]]
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  • ...lso offered rare and precious circus prints and other wonderfully selected circus artifacts. ...ormance baton twirlers usually offered. This took him to the international circus and variety circuit, and eventually to Europe. In 1961, he was featured at
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  • =="Größter Circus Europas"== ...t circus building in Munich, the Kronebau, has been home to regular winter circus productions since 1919.
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  • ==Acrobat, Animal Trainer, Circus Director== ...built true circus empires in their own countries equating in strength the circus empires of yore.
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  • ...a career in the circus and, therefore, he is indeed an important figure of circus history. ...major influence in reshaping the western clown image. Merging traditional circus clown techniques and classic theatrical pantomime, while escaping the clich
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  • ...d, for that matter, of Europe. For many years, it was the High Society’s circus of choice. Its relatively small size gave it warmth and intimacy (it was so ...irque d’Hiver]], completely refurbished, returned to the presentation of circus shows after a rather futile hiatus as a movie-house and theater; the [[Cirq
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  • ==Gröẞter Rennbahn-Circus Europas== circus and the refinement and intimacy of the traditional European circus.
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  • ==Clown, Circus Owner, Animal Trainer==]] bought and continued to exploit his elegant and revolutionary touring circus.
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  • ==Equestrians, Circus Owners== ...own circus and settled in (and then purchased) [[Ernst Renz]]’s flagship circus in Berlin in 1899—which remained active under Schumann’s ownership
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  • ...was immediately hooked and, then and there, decided that he would become a circus performer. It was a time when the American circus industry was still flourishing, and circus was still the country's most popular form of entertainment; hundreds of cir
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  • ..., 1881-1965, and Alessandro Briatore, 1870-1960), who came from an Italian circus family, were among Europe's most celebrated clowns. In Paris, they dethrone ...nni, Adele, Pietro, and Alessandro (the future Alex). Giuseppe ran his own circus for a brief time, and then created a troupe of acrobats on horseback with h
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