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  • ...ands, and two hundred wagons traveling by train were used to transport the circus equipment and house the personnel. ...I by Karel Kludský (Carl Kludsky, as he became known in the West-European circus business). From humble beginnings, Karel Kludský had managed to build one
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  • ==Circus Owner and Impresario== [[File:Billy_Smart's_Circus_(1946).jpeg|thumb|left|400px|Billy Smart's Circus and Fun Fair (1946)]]This was apparently his debut as a showman, although h
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  • ...e of its famous name) with the legendary [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Parisian circus]]. ...sartelli family managed to become in just a few decades one of the largest circus families in Europe; it counts today about one hundred members.
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  • ...ntury, under a succession of owners of more or less legitimate lineage. In circus lore, Sarrasani is still a fabled name that evokes a history of epic propor ==HANS STOSCH’S CIRCUS SARRASANI==
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  • ==Circus Owner, Magician== ...its reputation and is still recognized today (2020) as Norway’s premier circus.
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  • ==Equestrienne, Circus Owner== ...l Gifford wanted hers to be a "village-green circus." And indeed, Giffords Circus has this unique quality: it takes its audience into a nostalgic world of qu
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  • ==Circus Owner and Producer== ...y Cottle seized the opportunity, and his name soon became synonymous with "circus" in the United Kingdom and would remain so until Cottle’s untimely death
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