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  • ==Circus Websites== '''Eden Brothers''' Circus []
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  • ...nization that had, until then, produced annually an important fund-raising circus gala in Paris. ...rque [[Napoléon Rancy]], [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Cirque Medrano]], and [[Cirque Jean Richard]]).
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  • ...nal clown character that stands as one of the twentieth century's greatest circus icons. ...s, the brothers began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba
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  • (Freddy, 1922-1988) was born in Brussels on December 18, 1922. Like all circus children, the two sons of Manrico Meschi, known as Bario (1888-1974), and L In 1938, the Dario-Barios were in England, at Blackpool’s [[Tower Circus]]. Nello took advantage of the occasion to learn tap-dancing, of which Engl
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  • ...n [[Alessandro Guerra]] and his troupe gave their first performance in the circus they had just built on the old Place des Manèges—the "merry-go-round ===Guerra’s Cirque Olympique===
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  • ==Circus Director and Impresario== ...evements were the introduction of theatrical aesthetics into the traveling circus performance, a modern approach to public relations and marketing, his fores
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  • ==Circus Memorialists== ...perhaps the most remarkable visual documentation existing on the European circus of the first half of the twentieth century.
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  • ...d circus director, [[Alphonse Rancy]] (1861-1933). She belonged to genuine circus aristocracy and, not surprisingly, she was an equestrienne of great talent. ...e]] eventually turned into a unforgettable tiger trainer—and a major circus star when he became the first "Tarzan" of the big cage in the 1940s, wearin
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  • ...r of [[Pierre Périé]], the owner of a highly respected French provincial circus before WWII. ...irschke]] (1920-2001), with whom the Medinis shared a bill at Vienna’s [[Circus Renz]]. From then on, Italo began training in a specialty for which he show
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  • ...Pedro and Juan began performing a trapeze act. Pedro later joined another circus, Circo Alegría, where he met—and later married—a French acroba ...ed in his father's risley act. Then the family went on to perform with the Cirque Caignac, where little José appeared in a parody of a strong-man act and in
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  • ...have made his one of the great names of the twentieth century’s European circus. ...]], a French equestrian who had settled in Sweden, where he originated his circus dynasty in the 19th century.
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  • ==Equestrian, Animal Trainer, Circus Owner== ..._Horses_Video_(1970)|Sabine Rancy & Dany Renz, horses at liberty]], at the Cirque Municipal in Amiens (1970)
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  • a magnetic presence and a charm that stirred unbridled enthusiasm among circus aficionados and journalists alike. ...n Rosemarie Goldnagel in 1922 in Vienna, Austria. She didn’t belong to a circus family but she was a very physical and active child, and her parents made h
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  • attributed (and perhaps more rightly so) to their rivals at the Nouveau Cirque, [[Pierantoni & Saltamontès]]. Yet, Foottit & Chocolat were instrumental i ...1) was born on April 24, 1864 in Manchester, England, where his father’s circus was showing. His father’s real name has been said to be Tudor Hall (or Th
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  • ...e gloire devrait être plus justement attribué à leurs rivaux au Nouveau Cirque, [[Pierantoni et Saltamontès]]. Foottit et Chocolat eurent néanmoins un r ...(1864-1921) est né le 24 avril 1864 à Manchester, en Angleterre, où le cirque de son père avait fait étape. Il a été dit que le nom réel de Foottit
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  • ...the Parisian cultural fabric and in circus history. From its beginnings as Cirque Fernando, in 1873, until the end of [[Jérôme Medrano]]’s management in ...into genuine circus stars; appearing in its ring was a recognition for any circus artist. Its last performance under Jérôme Medrano’s reign in January 19
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  • Em 1938, les Dario-Bario étaient en Angleterre, au [[Tower Circus]] de Blackpool. Nello profita de son séjour pour apprendre à danser les c ...ion les deux cirques parisiens, [[Cirque Medrano (Paris)|Medrano]] et le [[Cirque d’Hiver]].
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  • ...ol & Baba Fratellini, clowns]], documentary filmed at the Cirque Napoléon Rancy (1957) ...Popol & Baba Fratellini, clown entrée (''Les Petits Chevaux'')]], at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris (1964)
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  • ...ed a group of camels and lamas. Wim was not particularly interested in the circus as such, but he was fascinated by its animals. The process of training them ...Wim began his performing career as one of the camel riders at the German [[Circus Roland]], where [[Jos Uyterlinde]]—another of Klant’s pupils—
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  • ==Equestrians, Circus Owners== ...own circus and settled in (and then purchased) [[Ernst Renz]]’s flagship circus in Berlin in 1899—which remained active under Schumann’s ownership
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