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  • ...litary, could make a good living as trick-riding performers (notably Jacob Bates, whose fame stretched from America to Russia). One of these trick riders wa ...don (Westminster, Blackfriars, and London Bridge). The place, known as St. George's Circus, had in its center an obelisk that was a well-known landmark. Agai
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  • ...-65) and America (1772-73), was the first of these showmen to make a mark. Bates's emulators—Price, Johnson, Balp, Coningham, Faulkes, and "Old" Samps * George Speaight, ''A History of the Circus'' (San Diego and New York, A. S. Barnes
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  • ...e trapeze artist and equestrian Baptiste Gillardoni, and the English clown George Howard. It was a small company, but the number of horses and the presence o ...ant company of artists, among which was a group of very talented clowns: [[George Foottit]], [[Pierantoni and Saltamontès|Alexandre Pierantoni]], and [[Tony
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