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  • ...ría del Pino Segura on November 6, 1931 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (on Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands off the coast of southern Morocco) ...herself, and for the 1949 Christmas season, she performed in Valencia with Circo [[Hermanos Diaz]]. There she was spotted by one of [[John Ringling North]]
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  • ...y theaters, from Saint Petersburg’s [[Circus Ciniselli]] to Madrid’s [[Circo Parish]]. In 1893 Hans Stosch married twenty-year-old Anna Albertina August ...ion of a planned tour in Hungary due to the Hungarian attack on the Soviet Union in Ukraine, the circus was allowed to play Berlin again for a long engageme
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  • ...dash;at which point SoyuzGosTsirk had become, after the fall of the Soviet Union, [[RosGosTsirk]], the Russian State Circus Company. ...rds, including the Pista de Bronzo at the [[Gran Premio Internazionale del Circo]] in Milano, Italy, in 1997; the second prize at the All-Russian Festival o
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  • ===From the Trio Nones to Circo Hellas=== ...w company: November 10, 1962 saw the debut in Viareggio of the brand-new ''Circo Hellas''; Walter involved his brothers, Moira’s (Paolo, Mauro and Dea), a
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  • the Italian [[The Togni Family|Togni]] family will later adopt in their Circo Americano. ...o a circus for some scenes, and the more legitimate [[Circo Price (Madrid)|Circo Price]] in Madrid was used to shoot part of the spectacular lion act of [[H
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