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  • ...hat an artist was expected to do whatever the management deemed necessary. Pinder was in need of a clown, and Jean-Marie Cairoli was "volunteered" for the jo ...ause Jean-Marie and Carletto had started touring with the popular comedian Tommy Trinder, who had been scheduled to star at the London Palladium (London’s
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  • ...] in Great Yarmouth, England. The act was then composed of Keith Anderson, Tommy Kieser, and Freddy Weppenaar, (flyers), and [[Mike Redpath]] (catcher). The In 1968, Keith Anderson and Tommy Kieser left the troupe and returned to South Africa, but the Flying Oslers
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  • ...produced several good clowns, among whom Harry Fossett ("Funny Harry"), [[Tommy Fossett]], better known as "Professor Grimble," and Jacko's own father, als ...ebecs), which included Robert and Mary Fossett, and Mary's sons, Bobby and Tommy Roberts, Jack's first cousins. Then, when Emmy left the family in 1939 to m
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