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  • with a vast menagerie (inspired at first by the German circus of [[Carl Hagenbeck]]—thus the original title, Zoo Zirkus—but also, undoubtedly, by ...e United States, and it included ethnic exhibitions, a trademark of Zirkus Hagenbeck, and sideshow attractions like those Court had seen at the Ringling Bros. C
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  • [[Category:Circuses|Wilhelm Hagenbeck (Court)]]
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  • ...Schulz, who had become a famous wild animal trapper for the firm of [[Carl Hagenbeck]], Fritz apprenticed as a butcher. But he shared with his uncle a passion f
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  • ...empel, a resident of Questenberg, where he settled and had a son, Heinrich Wilhelm Krone. Heinrich, who was active in the 1820s as a fruit farmer, was the fat ...née Josepha Rosine Auguste, had six children: Albert, Rudolf, Franziska, Wilhelm, Adolf and Friederike—who all generated lineages of animal trainers a
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  • ...rst half of the twentieth century, one of the greatest cat trainers of the Hagenbeck school—although his spectacular style was markedly different from tha ===The Hagenbeck Years===
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  • ...nistrative accountant for the circuses of [[Alfred Schneider]] and [[Willy Hagenbeck]], and by 1935, for the new [[Circus Barlay]] of Harry Barlay and his wife ===Willy Hagenbeck's Struggles===
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  • ...who were far more successful and reliable and ran the famous [[Circus Carl Hagenbeck]], named after their legendary father, as well as several circus buildings. ...the circus reverted to its old ''Dominik Althoff'' title. (Willy and Carl Hagenbeck lent their name to another circus venture under the management of [[Oskar H
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  • ...and Portugal, where he toured at the beginning of the hostilities with the Hagenbeck menagerie as an adjunct to his traveling circus—a move that proved qu
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  • Gotthold Wilhelm Daniel Schumann was born on November 25, 1824 in Weimar, in the state of Th company included such future circus luminaries as [[Wilhelm Carré]], [[Wilhelm Salamonsky]] and [[Heinrich Herzog]].
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