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  • ...exico on September 21, 1859. (Enrique and Eduardo also had a half-brother, William). When and for which purpose Henry and Victorine immigrated to Mexico is no ...ctacular act that was performed with two flying trapeze frames placed in a cross. It is in the Sigriest-Silbon Troupe that Alfredo met a young brunette who
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  • ...i went to work in London at [[Astley’s]], then under the direction of [[William Batty]]. It was there that Chiarini’s career began to take a different d ...he Italian-American impresario was willing to do. To be sure, he would not cross the ocean again, but in early 1890, Chiarini hit the road again, returning
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  • ...Bugny]], the American equestrienne Jenny Visser, and the clowns Vallier & William were part of the original fare, along with the dependable Gillardoni and Be (1932)]]Like the majority of their colleagues, the Fratellinis disliked William Parish, the owner of Madrid’s Circo Parish (the old [[Circo Price (Madrid
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  • ..._Panorama_cross_section.png|right|thumb|400px|The Panorama of Reischoffen, cross-section (1881)]] [[File:Nouveau_Cirque_elevation.jpg|thumb|left|400px|The Nouveau Cirque, cross section (1886)]]The city block on which Oller was to install his ''Arènes
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  • ...This lack of a father may be the reason why—along with the fact that William was afflicted with achondroplasia (dwarfism)—his mother chose to aban ...treatment for both! In all of their years together, they never exchanged a cross word. Fossett said Billy was "the best partner I have ever had, and the one
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