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Aerial Straps

By Dominique Jando

Vladimir Kurziamov was born in Moscow, Russia, on March 3, 1964. On his grandmother’s side, Vladimir is seventh generation of an old Italian circus family, the Ferronis, a branch of which settled in Russia in the nineteenth century—and therefore became a Russian circus family. His father, Gennady Kurziamov, was an acrobat and a clownGeneric term for all clowns and augustes. '''Specific:''' In Europe, the elegant, whiteface character who plays the role of the straight man to the Auguste in a clown team., before becoming ringmaster(American, English) The name given today to the old position of Equestrian Director, and by extension, to the presenter of the show. of Moscow’s Bolshoi Circus from 1971 to 1986.

Vladimir attended Moscow’s State College for Circus and Variety Arts, where he graduated as an aerialistAny acrobat working above the ring on an aerial equipment such as trapeze, Roman Rings, Spanish web, etc. in 1982 with his first strap actAerial act performed hanging from a pair of fabric or leather straps. See Aerial Straps., which he performed all over the former Soviet Union. Then he went on to further his education at the GITIS Institute in Moscow (the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts), where he graduated as circus "regisseur(German, from the French: Régisseur) In Russia, the equivalent of a theatrical director in the circus." (director) in 1995. It is at that time that he met his wife, Olga (b.1965), a former ballerina on horseback; together they created their stunning aerial act, Bolero, which was choreographed by the talented Susanna Rayanova, Vladimir’s sister. Bolero debuted in 1995.

In 1996, the Kurziamovi won a Bronze Medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris, followed the same year by a Gold Medal at the Wuhan International Circus Festival in China. They subsequently embarked into a brilliant international career, and were featured in the United States in the Big Apple Circus productions of Happy On! (1998-1999) and Oops! The Big Apple Circus Stage Show (1999-2000). Vladimir has since retired from performing to continue his circus career as a director.

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