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* History: [[Circus Nikulin]]
* History: [[Circus Nikulin]]
* Biography: [[Mikhail Shuydin]]
==Image Gallery==
==Image Gallery==

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Clown, Actor, Circus Director

Suggested Reading

  • Aleksandr Drigo, Sofya Rives, Elena Dukelskaya, Мир Цирка — Клоуны ("The Circus World — Clowns") (Moscow, Kladez Publishing, 1995)
  • Yury Dmitriev, Мой старый Цирк, бульвар Цветной ("My old Circus, Tsvetnoy Boulevard") (Moscow, Lazur, 2000)
  • Yury Nikulin, Почти Серьезно ("Almost Serious") (Moscow, ACT Publishing, 2008) — ISBN 978-5-17-055586-4

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