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Category:Redirect pages to article titles with diacritics

The pages in this category are redirects to articles whose titles have diacritical marks (accents, umlauts, etcetera).

The pages in this category are redirects from "English titles" containing only the 26 letter Roman alphabet (ASCII) to the formal article title, which contains special characters that are not part of English.

Most such non-English titles contain diacritical marks (accents, umlauts, etc.) available in UTF-8, but which cannot be entered (say in the search bar) from a standard 105 key keyboard without shifted key mapping software augmentation or a special php facility such as appears on our wikipedia edit window screens.

Examples: redirects to a targeted title which contain one or more of these unicode characters, from a name form which has none of them:

Á á Ć ć É é Í í Ĺ ĺ Ń ń Ó ó Ŕ ŕ Ś ś Ú ú Ý ý Ź ź À à È è Ì ì Ò ò Ù ù Â â Ĉ ĉ Ê ê Ĝ ĝ Ĥ ĥ Î î Ĵ ĵ Ô ô Ŝ ŝ Û û Ŵ ŵ Ŷ ŷ

Ä ä Ë ë Ï ï Ö ö Ü ü Ÿ ÿ ß Ã ã Ẽ ẽ Ĩ ĩ Ñ ñ Õ õ Ũ ũ Ỹ ỹ Ç ç Ģ ģ Ķ ķ Ļ ļ Ņ ņ Ŗ ŗ Ş ş Ţ ţ Đ đ Ů ů

Ǎ ǎ Č č Ď ď Ě ě Ǐ ǐ Ľ ľ Ň ň Ǒ ǒ Ř ř Š š Ť ť Ǔ ǔ Ž ž Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū Ȳ ȳ Ǣ ǣ ǖ ǘ ǚ ǜ

Ă ă Ĕ ĕ Ğ ğ Ĭ ĭ Ŏ ŏ Ŭ ŭ Ċ ċ Ė ė Ġ ġ İ ı Ż ż Ą ą Ę ę Į į Ǫ ǫ Ų ų

Ḍ ḍ Ḥ ḥ Ḷ ḷ Ḹ ḹ Ṃ ṃ Ṇ ṇ Ṛ ṛ Ṝ ṝ Ṣ ṣ Ṭ ṭ Ł ł Ő ő Ű ű Ŀ ŀ Ħ ħ Ð ð Þ þ Œ œ Æ æ Ø ø Å å Ə ə

  • Specific Examples:
(Names conform to English Naming Conventions)               (Names do NOT conform to English transliterations)
Redirect: Brunswick-Luneburg    --> target article --> Brunswick-Lüneburg
Redirect:            Luneburg    --> target article --> Lüneburg
Redirect: Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel --> target article --> Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Redirect: Jerome Bonaparte      --> target article --> Jérôme Bonaparte
Redirect: Weisse Elster         --> target article --> Weiße Elster
  • Since names using such are not searchable to circopedia users (they cannot be typed in the search bar!) without using advanced technical knowledge or additional aids tech aids such as keyboard mapping software, most such titles should be transliterated into the common English representation. Those which are not, should be listed here in this category by applying {{R from title without diacritics}}.

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