Circopedia Award

From Circopedia has presented its first Award for Excellence in the Circus Arts on August 18, 2015 at the 1st International Festival of Circus Arts of Israel in Ashdod, Israel. This international award is presented in recognition of an exceptional achievement in the circus arts, in terms of either performance, education, or promotion of the circus arts. is solely responsible for the choice of its award's recipients. The Circopedia Award can be presented more than once, or not at all, in any given calendar year.


  • Amateur Circus Studio Vesar, Arkhangelsk, Russia — Presented the 18th of August 2015 at the International Festival of Circus Arts of Israel, in Ashdod, Israel.


  • Andrey & Anastasia Dementiev-Kornilov and the Kornilov Dynasty, Russia — Presented the 5th of September 2016 at the 15th International Youth Festival of Circus Arts at Circus Nikulin in Moscow, Russia.

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