Curatola Brothers

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Hand-to-Hand Acrobats

By Dominique Jando

Giuseppe and Emanuel Curatola are third generation of an old Italian circus family. As many children of circus performers, they attended the Accademia del Circo, the Italian national circus school in Verona, where they developed their hand-to-handAn acrobatic act in which one or more acrobats do hand-balancing in the hands of an under-stander. acrobatic act. Emanuel was eleven, and Giuseppe, sixteen, when they entered the school; of course, they had already received a basic circus training within their family.

Their finished act debuted in 1994. Since then, they have performed in many of the major circuses and variety show in Europe, including Circus Roncalli, where Emanuel met Tetyana Levkova, a dancer whom he later married. Out of Europe, they have also performed in South Africa, and in the United States, where they have been featured in the 2009-2010 production of the Big Apple Circus, Bello Is Back!

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