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Double Trapeze

Born in Moscow, Russia, Andrey Perfilyev and Irina Verentennikova met in their local school when they were thirteen years old. As a child, Irina already worked in the circus; she had started training in gymnastics and ballet at age four. Andrey also showed an interest in physical activities; he regularly practiced sports, mostly karate and boxing.

It was a natural path for Irina to apply for the State College for Circus and Variety Arts, and she convinced Andrey to come with her. But if Irina, with her background, easily passed the entrance exams, it was not so for Andrey, who had to spend another year training arduously before he was finally accepted. Four years later, they graduated with their double trapeze act.

They began working in Russia, and then expanded their tours abroad, appearing in Estonia, the Netherlands, England and the Arab Emirates. In 2005, they were awarded the Gold Prize at the Spring Friendship Arts Festival of North Korea. Their first appearance in the United States was in the Big Apple Circus production of Step Right Up! in 2006.

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