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Comedy Bouncing Rope

Linon was born Adolf Dubsky in 1899, to a famous Danish circus family of Czech origins, who had a well-known jockeyClassic equestrian act in which the participants ride standing in various attitudes on a galoping horse, perform various jumps while on the horse, and from the ground to the horse, and perform classic horse-vaulting exercises. act in the first half of the 20th century. Linon worked extensively with his bouncing ropeAn rope placed between two supports or pedestals, and fastened at one or both ends to a spring or bungee, so that the ropedancer can use the rope as a propelling device. act between the two World Wars and until the late 1960s in major circus and variety shows in Europe and the United States—where he appeared in numerous television shows, including several appearances on CBS's The Ed Sullivan Show and ABC's Hollywood Palace.

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