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  • ...of Nations'', a spectacle Barnum bought from circus-producer "Lord" George Sanger in London. The partners use the space until 1875. It then becomes the ''Gil
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  • ...ence of [[Philip Astley]], [[Charles Hughes]], [[Andrew Ducrow]], [[George Sanger]], and other luminaries of the British circus, they still hold an important ...amily|Ginnett]], [[Hengler Circus|Hengler]], Pablo Fanque, [[George Sanger|Sanger]], and Quaglienie. He appeared mainly in England but also on the circus cir
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  • ...had not seen for a long time, if ever. I do not think [[Lord George Sanger|Sanger]] or anyone else had ever tempted to produce an international programme of ...g. The names of Chipperfield and Smart had long usurped those of Mills and Sanger, and a bright newcomer named [[Gerry Cottle]] had already appeared on the s
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  • ...mos joined a variety show, ''Heller’s Entertainers'', run by "Professor" George Heller and his wife, Maude, with which they travelled to England early in 1 ...thus rival the largest circus of the British Isles, that of [[Lord George Sanger]]. Or so he thought.
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  • =='''George Foottit'''== ...l intents and purposes, George’s father was known, like his son, as Geo (George) Foottit (?-1874), and he had performed at Drury Lane Theatre in London as
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  • =='''George Foottit'''== ...ause, Foottit père était connu, tout comme son fils, sous le nom de Geo (George) Foottit (?-1874), et il s’était produit au Théâtre de Drury Lane, à
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  • ...]], [[John Astley]], [[Andrew Ducrow]], [[William Batty]], [["Lord" George Sanger]]
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